Calmed down

I felt terrible last night, but woke up in a much better mood.  I decided not to fast after I got on the scale (post lax-tea, mind you) and saw 126.8.  I then went to a "Burst" class with a friend at our local gym.  According to my heart monitor, I torched just shy of 500 calories.

Thank you, lovely readers, for encouraging me and giving me some perspective.  You are all too nice.  Fasts work much better for me when they are not punishment, so I ate two rice cakes with vegan cream cheese and jam for breakfast, one square of chocolate, and I just made soup (frozen veggies soup base, 90 cals, 1/4 c veg. stock, maybe 5 cals, 1/4 c tomato juice, not sure, and some Chik'n strips) with two more rice cakes.  I am going to take my cleanse pills and hope for the best in the morning.  I am going to run before my dentist appointment and probably not have much else tomorrow, since I am having some minor repair work done and will be all novocained.

I am seriously considering joining this fitness center for the winter months.  It's a chiropractic, new-age kind of place with a great class schedule and I will have somewhere to go when it is too cold/snowy to run outside.

Thank you, again, for the constant support and encouragement.  I have eight days to see 124.something.  I could never do it without you girls.

I promise to comment tonight and take photos in my running gear/of Moses tomorrow.


Lizzie said...

Hey, I'm new here but I love your blog.

Yuck, tell me about it - everything takes so much more effort in winter, especially exercise because I'm always too coldddd to run :)

Alice D said...

it is all good, you have eight days. i am sure you will make it. don't stress too much. that place sounds awesome, you should definitely look into it more. i have a different problem here. here, it is too hot to run. thankfully, i have my own gym. ;)

sofia said...

good luck with the next 3ish pounds! you can do it! (:

stay lovely. <3

Erin Rose said...

hello lovely. first of all, you can knock off those two pounds in LESS than 8 days. just keep your motivation going!

ahh, I do feell like I need to join a gym as well. we have a "traditional" muscle gym near my house, but I am not sure if I would be comfortable in front of others. anyway, I am psyched to hear about JUAN!!!

peanut :) said...

sorry your having a tough time getting to 125! hopefully you're not pateauing again. but either way, i know you'll trek through it and get there as soona as you can make your body do it! yay for juan and yay for real christmas tree!!!!! have a lovely next few days and maybe you won't feel like eating after your dentist visit!

Cinnamon Brown said...

I swear, laxatives make you gain weight or, at least water! Bastards!

Well done on your gym triumph, 500 cals go bye-bye! Yay!

I think gym in the winter is a brilliant idea. Starting to worry about you running in the snow.

Good luck at the dentist and have a great weekend! XXX.

sofia said...

im generally not a fan of relationships; im one to get bored easily unfortunatly. thanks for the advice, and good luck again! (:
hope youre doing well so far!


FunLovingLiving said...

hey :) ive suffered w ed for 10 years.. now im happy, having a blast and staying positive and focusing on that.. and still stay thin. Maybe u can find a lil inspiration :)
follow me please n ill follow u <3

teaspoon said...

Omg a real christmas tree! So cuuuuute!
I think gyms are fun, especially when they have all those cool classes and one hour of sweating just goes by so quick!

What cleansing pills are you using?

I know you can make it :) You're so close!
Stay beautiful, darling ♥

danae said...

good luck on reaching 124 :)
to reply to your comment - i hate it when i purge, i never do it for weightloss purposes of course i just totally lose control sometimes. but oh well


Nerisaga said...

AH! Rice cakes are to die for! I LOVE LOVE LOVE.
When it's punishment it's not good, but for all the right reasons....go! :D

Looking forward to the pics!
Keep up the good work!

bonesarepure said...

im glad that ur doing better today
and sfeeling better as well
god i love fresh cut trees smell so good

Mich said...

New Age gym sounds awesome! Wish we had one of those here. All we've got is the rich-b*tch gym I can' afford, a bunch of trashy ones with a history of ringworm, and the 24-hour sketch-fest by my friend's house...

Hope you have fun Christmas tree shopping! <3


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