I ate three square meals today. I know I will gain by morning.

Ricecakes with vegan cream cheese and jam for breakfast
Baby soy yogurt with hazelnuts, a few dates, rice crackers and low-sodium V8 for lunch
Huge plate of spinach with Craisins, tomatoes, and hummus for dinner

Plus... popcorn with cinnamon and sugar (we had no Splenda), way too many nibbles of candy, at least three or four tablespoons Skippy peanut butter

FML. 125 by next Friday??? UGH!!!!

Tea and water all day for me tomorrow. Four miles in the morning, minimum. I have to sacrifice if I want to be better.


peanut :) said...

you didn't even do badly! its good for your body to eat normally every once in a while, I'm sure. don't feel too bad, you'll definitely be down to 125 my next friday if you just keep on diligently. don't feel bad :)

sofia said...

although you didnt mention number, that doesnt sound too bad. but thats just my opinion.
good luck tomorrow.

stay strong. <3

Cinnamon Brown said...

You could have done SO much worse! At least you got in some good fibre. That certainly counts for something!

I know you're dissappointed, but with your determination, you'll see 125 sooner than you think! Hang in there, Babe. Much love. XXX

amy said...

they were nice healthy meals though! that's something to be proud of. i can hardly eat a proper meal without going completely overboard.
stay strong x

Alice D said...

don't beat yourself up honey. i ate four slices of bread with butter on each, three bowls of caramel chocolate swirl ice cream and seven blueberries. oh and a icy pole. you might even lose, sometimes a binge can cause a lose because of the upping in calories, it tricks the metabolism. i totally know why your upset though. i am afraid to gain too.

A Quiet Battle said...

That doesn't sound like so much food! You need the fuel with all the running you do!

Erin Rose said...

I am sorry youre upset, but you have to know that the food you ate today probably consists of a normal diet for someone. and yeah, i know you are trying to NOT be normal, but this little bit of extra nutrish will deff speed up your metabolism. you will be fine. any weight is water weight.

dont be so hard on yourself!

bonesarepure said...

im sorry hunny
but i dont think its to many cals well nt binge worthy at lease
hope u had a good run


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