I set out this morning to run four miles in less than 20 degree weather plus wind! Honestly, it isn't that bad if you're dressed properly, which fortunately, I was. Maybe tomorrow I will take a little picture of me in my running get-up.

126.0 after my run. I am dying to see 125. I know it's coming soon.

I have to go to work, sorry for the short post, but here is a photo I took of myself yesterday...


zette said...

i'm a little jealous. it's 41 here. still warmish. winter here takes forever to settle in. i love your sweater&your subtle bones are lovely. stay strong, little lady. you'll see 125 soon.

Anonymous said...

wow. its about that cold here too, but i can't stand it!!! you are so much stronger than me, good job! I know that 125 will come so soon if you just keep it going.

Mich said...

Look at that collarbone! ;)

I could deal with running in the cold, but Idk how you do it in the wind. My eyes end up watering like crazy and then I can't see.


Cinnamon Brown said...

My god, you're beautiful. Your little chin mole, a la S.J.P., is so attractive!

That collar bone is gorgeous! Hope you don't mind, but I'm copying that pic for thinspo! I love it!

Keeping fingers crossed for 125 for you! XXX.

sofia said...

you will see 125! i just know it!
and i wish it was colder here, but it isnt. :/ its around 30, but i know it wont ever snow, because the universe doesnt want to be nice to me.

stay lovely. <3

Alice D said...

what pretty little collarbones you have. that picture looks so elegant. god! the temptation to run when i read this - you're killing me, dude. post the picture! i love workout clothes. seriously, i am obsessed with them.

Anonymous said...

nice collarbones! it looks so good :) you should be really proud! and 125 will come soon. i can feel it :)

bonesarepure said...

wow ur collarbones are amamzing im so jealosu
and damn u ran in that weather today wowo thats determinatin right there
i cant run int he cold it hurts my lungs to much and yeah i had lunhg issues as a baby so it kills me
but good job on running

amy said...

what lovely collarbones you have! and good girl running in that weather@ it takes a lot for me to get out running in the nicest weather ever, let alone when it's freezing! you'll see 125 in no time x

Erin Rose said...

you are gorgeous! chin, collarbones, pwetty <3

fantastic runner, you. I should really try running outdoors as I know it provides more resistance (= more cals burnt) than a treadmill

keep goin girly!


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