Dashing through the snow

This is the view from my window... I woke up this morning to a lovely dusting of snow and decided it was the perfect opportunity to get my bum out of bed and run four miles. I feel totally invigorated now after lounging about for the greater part of yesterday evening watching Harry Potter.

I was 126.6 after my run this morning, so my plan is to eat a decent breakfast (1 banana with 2T natural peanut butter and 1/2c plain soy milk) as my only meal of the day. I'm eating it now and I'm not sure if I can even finish. I normally eat rice cakes for breakfast! Seriously, I left about a 1/4 of the banana in the bowl, I just can't do it. Anyway... I figure this breakfast should tide me over until (hopefully!) tomorrow. I need to hydrate well today because the air inside is very dry now. Lots of tea, water, and seltzer for me today.

Juan is coming on the 17th,  I hope he is surprised with my weight loss. The last time I saw him I was about ten pounds more than this. It's funny, because my clothes are obviously fitting differently, but when I look in the mirror I see absolutely no changes. I am still dissatisfied, particularly with my arms and legs. I now have eleven days to get to 125 or under.

I am going to get to leaving some comments. I was terrible over the weekend and barely wrote on anyone's blogs! Je suis désolée mes petites fleurs!

P.S. I will definitely post pictures of our new cat very soon... little Moses :)
P.P.S. Mich, I got the Evian spray at Sephora.


Elara said...

Which brand of natural peanut butter do you use?

You certainly have a lot of discipline to feel encouraged to run in the snow. Anything below 45F and I can't be arsed.

A Quiet Battle said...

You are sooo dedicated to run in the snow! I can barely get myself to leave my house in this! Lol

peanut :) said...

wowww! The last time I tried to run in the cold my lungs froze, so i decided I'd never do that again. idk how you do it! I'm sure Juan will think you are just beautiful, and yall will have the best time :))

Heather said...

I'm so impressed you ran in the snow! We have so much here that you can barely walk and the gym is only opening a few hours a day. Scotland doesn't know what to do with snow.
You can definitely get to under 125 in 11 days, I believe in you. :)

Cinnamon Brown said...

C'est pas grand chose, mon ami! (I love online translators!)

That photo...the snow...is beuwteefull!!! What a gorgeous view!

The hotel is so romantic and the restaurant looks fantastic!! I'm such a sucker for Mediterranean food. Exquisite menu, healthy too.

I'm so excited for you, I hope you guys have a time to remember.

I understand that feeling of dissatisfaction, but I've seen the photo's, you're hot! Juan's gonna be so impressed!

Sorry about the essay. Have a great evening. XXX.

Erin Rose said...

ooooh i have beenn to that restaurant with my aunt! (same one in my last post. speaking of my last post, thanks for the comment! and I know--I think I am going over the summer.)

hooraaaay for NYC--so far my favorite place on earth. keep up doing what you are doing, and those pounds will fall off you!

sofia said...

i wish it snowed in the hellish region of georgia, oh well. thank you for your comment, dear. im glad to be adorable. (:

stay lovely! <3

Alice D said...

oh god. you make me want to RUN whenever i read your posts. to me, you're so so so motivating. and it sucks because right now my doctor has sworn me off exercise. maybe ill sneak some in. ;)

bonesarepure said...

o u had snow in themroing
we didnt it just snowed here now we got a anice dusting now
how did u run in that today it was so cold here
stays trong hun

Mich said...

Thanks for the tip about Sephora. I'm def getting some of that...

Thanks for the lovely comment! You're a sweetie. ;)

That hotel looks nice, and the restaurant sounds yummy. You'll definitely get under 125 in eleven days! Especially with the way you run. <3


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