A good Sunday

I was magically 126.6 this morning and I have not run since Thursday morning! I have a feeling tomorrow will not be as great, but I'm going to guzzle water before I go to bed and hope for the best.

No run again today, but I did go on a pretty strenuous hike with my friend Kathryn.

Unfortunately, I am not in the mood to write or comment ce soir. I'll get back to you lovely ladies in the morning, ok?

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends!


peanut :) said...

strenuous hikes can be just as good as running! thats exciting that you were surprised in a good way this morning, I love surprises :)

have a lovely night!

amy said...

yay for the loss! x

Cinnamon Brown said...

Well done, Babe! 126.6, WOOHOO!!!

Sleep tight and sweet dreams, pretty girl. XXX.

Elara said...

Not magic, the payoff of some very hard work!

Erin Rose said...

jealous babessss! have an awesome time with kathryn!!!!!


bonesarepure said...

idk how ur uan in this crazy cold weather its brutal
stay strong hun


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