Not much to say today

(I borrowed these photos from GreenWeddingShoes - it's a wedding planning blog that I read every day for aesthetic inspiration. These dresses/girls are too lovely)

The same again today - 127.6. Obviously better than gaining, but I've done quite well today so far, so I'm hoping I lose.

I did not run this morning because I slept in a bit and then went to the dentist. My dentist said my teeth looked very well taken care of :) Then, I helped touch up the paint in my brother's room.

Nothing else exciting is going on in my life... I put in a Sephora order - does that count? Haha I bought a bottle of Evian water spray, which I highly recommend, Josie Maran cream blush, two Smashbox eyeliners that were majorly on sale, and a Nars lipgloss and Bare Minerals eye shadow for my mom's stocking. My dad/brothers cannot be trusted with buying all of my mom's presents!

I also bought the most gorgeous La Perla lingerie on RueLaLa yesterday (it's a sample sale website, let me know if you are interested in signing up, because if I invite you, I think I get coupons if you actually make a purchase!) Totally unnecessary, but practical and to-die-for. I put that one on the credit card. I need to stop shopping - I have to buy both of my brothers' presents and a present for my best friend, Kendal. Otherwise my Christmas shopping is finished... alas, however, I need new front tires before the snow comes and I have three more graduate school applications to complete, in addition to dental work and returning to the optometrist.

My lovely new lingerie that I bought to wear for my honey when he arrives... Clearly I will not look like that, but I think it will be tastefully flattering and feminine.

I brought the new cat home last night. My mom has decided to call him Moses.

How is everyone? Alice D is having her wisdom teeth out today, I think - so send some good wishes and prayers her way.


I've been terrible about commenting lately, thank you so much for not abandoning me!

P.S. I finally watched the VS fashion show online the other night. Ridiculous. Seriously.


VictoriaCrimson said...

Sounds like somebody had a good day :) What cute lingerie!


A Quiet Battle said...

Love the bra and panty set!! Also, the Sephora shopping spree sounds like a blast. You've got me in the mood to do some internet shopping... alas, I need to win the lottery first (which would mean I'd need to start playing...) Hrm.

peanut :) said...

you sound like you're having a nice day!! new kitty, new makeup, new lingerie, nice teeth, boo boo comin into town soon... haha congrats!

and those pictures are wonderful! the one of the shoes is freakin adorable.

bonesarepure said...

love it
u did good shopping today and its good to buy urself something sometimes
ur dong great hun u really are

Adeline said...

Thankyou so much darling! I feel famous when you mention me! Congrtulations to YOU for buying unnecessary lingerie - I must be a good influence, or a bad one, depending on how you look at it lol.

Those pictures up top are actually gorgeous, makes me want to get married! Or at the very least have a wedding lol.

Love you millions,
Adeline xx

Alice D said...

isn't it great that she got into law school? i hope we're all massively proud of her! lingerie. i wish i had money to buy unnecessary lingerie too. good to hear your teeth are all in order as well. that is always nice. ;) oh my gosh! my best friend's name is Kendall too! except with two L's! :D

Erin Rose said...

ahh shopping day!!!!! I love lingerie. so pretty and delicate..ahh.

if you want to see some really gorgeous wedding dresses, look up atelier aimee. i think the website is aimee usa or something like that--but they are TO DIE FOR. I want to wear them on my wedding day!

have a superssss rest of the day!

amy said...

yay for shopping! buying stuff always makes me feel good haha

Mich said...

Yay for new kitty!! Post photos!!!! :D

Where did you find the Evian spray? I used to search everywhere for that after I saw someone use it in a film, but I could never find it.


Cinnamon Brown said...

I love these photos, they're so rosy and feminine.

Your honey is a lucky boy, those are some sexy knickers!

Please give 'Li'l Mo' a kiss from me. I, too, would love to see how cute he is. X.


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