Pouring rain

Oh December first. Does anyone else love the beginning of a new month? (I know Adeline does!) Putting everything behind you for a new start? That is why my favorite holiday is New Year's Eve. I just love beginnings!

I did not get to run this morning because it is absolutely pouring outside today. Luckily, I braved a bit of drizzle yesterday and ran anyway.

127.4 first thing this morning. I am so pleased that I am losing. My goal, as some of you already know, is to be under 125 by the time Juan arrives. Well, he bought his plane ticket last night and arrives on the 17th. That means 17 December days to lose about three pounds. I think that is totally reasonable, right? I think I will be able to lose a bit more.

Once I get close to 120, I think I will be ready to cut my hair. My sophomore year in college I donated all of my hair to Locks of Love. I have been dying to do it again and I am totally smitten with Ginnifer Goodwin's latest hairstyle.

Breakfast was my usual two rice cakes with a bit of vegan cream cheese and jam with a big much of Nutcracker Sweet tea, my absolute holiday-season favorite. If you can buy Celestial Seasonings, I highly recommend trying it. I will have my low-sodium V8 and a baby yogurt while at work today, and likely nothing after I come home from work at 8pm. I hate eating so late at night.

I hope everyone has a great day. Thank you so much for the ridiculously great feedback on my application essays.

One last thing, if you are not currently following the beautiful Alice D, please do. She just put up the greatest little vlog and you'll all adore her charming personality and accent as well as her stunning beauty.


Anonymous said...

Yay well done for losing :) You will definitely be under 125 in 17 days!

I hate so much how the weather can stop you from exercising, I can't do anything outside right now because its snowing so hard and everywhere is horirble and icy :(

Thats really nice how you donated your hair :) I don't know if I could ever do something like that!

Stay strong :)

Mich said...

OMG those Christmas teas are divine!! It's like drinking a cookie. And no calories! :D

Congrats on the loss!! I like new months, too. Especially December, because I'm a total psycho for Christmas. Part of me wishes that Christmas Day would never come, so it can just be Christmas season forever.

Ginnifer is so adorable; I love her.

Pelting rain here, too. And so windy!! I love it, though--reminds me of Ireland. :/ And of course the one year I'm not there for the xmas season, it's actually snowing. It NEVER snows in Ireland. I'm friggin missing it!!

Have a good day, luv! <3

Anonymous said...

girl, 3 pounds in 17 days is almost like a joke its so easy, you will no doubt get that if you just keep on keepin on! I hope you have a marvelous start to a new beginning today :)

VictoriaCrimson said...

Oooh, I always love getting new tea. What infusions are in the Nutcracker Sweet? Keep up the great work! =]


bonesarepure said...

wasnt the rain just crazy this monring and i was out in it had a job interview i got wet evenw ith my umberalla cause of the damn wind
congrats ont he weight loss
and u can def lose 3 lbs by then i know u can
o love celestial tea

Erin Rose said...

great great great goal missy! and I really like that new haircut. unfortunately for me, I cannot go out in public like that because I am full blown irish and have a chubby face--basically no matter what.

but I would love that.

oh shit--bonesarepure--it was so freaking windy and rainy today. some chickk fell over with her umbrella today becasue of the wind!!!

anyway, tell me how the tea is. it looks delish!

teaspoon said...

nomnomnom tea ♥

I think you can def lose the weight :) You sound like you're strong and pretty much good to go!
Nice job on your determination with excersizing :) I wish I was like that! You are so inspiring lovely :)

That hair cut is so cute <3 I could never pull it off though!
I do however want to donate my hair one day, I have tons of it! Haha.

Cinnamon Brown said...

Drinking a cup of breakfast chai and thinking about you! (7:25am)

Well done on your weightloss, you'll definitely hit your goal before your beloved arrives!

Ginnifer Goodwin is so damn beautiful. Bet you are too! That pixie-cut is too darling, I'm sure it would look stunning on you.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, we used to get Celestial Seasonings. I think we stopped importing it, because of costs. My fav was the Bengal Spice, for obvious reasons...the big kitty on the box! And, I love spicy teas!

There's a thunderstorm brewing here. Typical African Summer! Keep warm and have a wonderful day.XXX

Alice D said...

three pounds is so completely reasonable girl. it is good to hear you aren't expecting too much of your bodies. in the 120's, weight drops slower because you are smaller and have less body fat. i was reading about it this afternoon.
oh my god you mentioned me! aw! that makes me feel so special, thank you! you're so sweet. too sweet to me!


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