Work is super slow today, so I am sneakily giving you all an update from our freezing office (the heat is currently broken so we're all wearing our coats inside!)

Not so great on the weight front... 127.0 after my run, which means I must have been a lot higher before (128.something?).  There is no way I'm going to be 125 on Friday.  I want to be hopeful, but I just don't think it's going to happen.  I am trying girls, I promise. 

I ran 4.8 miles again today (yesterday was too bitter cold and windy) in 12 degree weather in 43 minutes.  I am steadily increasing my mileage, which is great.

I am going to feel awful is I don't see 125 on Friday.  I set this goal for Thanksgiving and didn't make it.  And now Juan is going to be here and I will have failed him too?  :(  I swear I am trying.  I skipped breakfast and had a salad for lunch (romaine, grapefruit, 1/2 avocado, a spoonful of hummus, 1T dried cranberries, vinegar and a bit of EVOO - gee that sounds like a lot now) and I am set with caffeine and herbal teas for while I am at work.  Tonight, my brother is bringing home sushi for dinner for a family dinner (it's his birthday) and I asked for seaweed salad and an avocado roll.  Tomorrow, I wll run in the morning and likely not eat anything until dinner again - I made plans to go out for sushi with my friends on Sunday but canceled because I was fasting.  So we re-scheduled for tomorrow (before I knew about tonight's dinner plans) so I'll have a cucumber roll and an avocado roll or a cucumber roll and miso?  But all of that salt will make me heavier tomorrow and even worse on Friday, right?

I will comment tonight when I am home from work.  I have to go back and catch up on yesterday's posts too.  I love you all.

Oh, and Cinnamon and Alice D, I bought LOTS of that tea yesterday :)  Please send me your addresses (sshoemaker AT hotmail DOT com) and I will send you each a little variety pack... I bought the Sugar Cookie, Nutcracker Sweet, Sugar Plum, Gingerbread annnnnnd Candy Cane Lane to share!

One last thing, Bonesarepure, I haven't forgotten about dairy free recipes for you!  I promise I will post some soon!!

Just read this article... very interesting!


VictoriaCrimson said...

I think your mileage is awesome!! You're so dedicated to it, and that's so admirable. Ahhhh, where do you get variety packs?!!?! Would you mind if I sent you my address as well? :D

Mmmm good choices for the sushi. While miso is alot higher in sodium than avocado rolls, it's alot lower in calories. Therefore, it'd be better for you in the long run. Plus, seaweed is a miracle food! Great job ♥


Elara said...

Probably best to stick with vegetable sushi as planned, unless you find the alleged diet wonderfood shirataki/konnyaku noodles on the menu.

It's unlikely your guy will notice the two pound difference you're lamenting. He thought you were beautiful before, he'll be even more in awe when he sees you again. For your discipline too. I grew up in the south, so these midwestern winters send me into hibernation in 40 degree weather. Progress may be slower than you want, but the effort is damn impressive.

amy said...

i'm sure you look beautiful for him and he will absolutely love it!
miso is the best bet for sushi - you can even order multiple bowls and people will be like "wow she's eating a lot" but really it's like zero cals :)

Maria said...

I NEED to start running again , you have great dedication ! Sugar cookie is the only tea I can drink w/out sweetener , try it double strength , delicious . Gingerbread is great iced w/real maple syrup .

Tai said...

Don't loose heart, just try your best. That's all anyone can do and that is enough.

I loved your review of the sugar cookie tea so much I hope that you will do more... especially the gingerbread tea. Gingerbread cookies are my vice and if i can get something like it my weight may be saved this season!

Tai said...

P.S: That article was awesome, I will certainly get up and exercise before I eat this holiday season!

Alice D said...

Don't give up yourself. You never know what might happen, and even if you don't reach your goal - you still tried your best and gave it your all. OH! You're so lovely. What kind of tea would you like me to send you? :)

Nerisaga said...

Please keep in mind that muscles are heavier than fat and working out builds muscles, even when we are cutting down on the food.
I'm experiencing the same thing right now, my scale is very much stuck.

I think your goal is realistic but the world is not gonna end if you don't reach this goal before Juan is coming. Then, you can try it for New Years maybe? The important thing is to keep going - to never give up and you seem very much like a fighter!!

Best of luck!

Cinnamon Brown said...

Can't believe I fell asleep at the computer last night while commenting on blogs. What a loser!

I had much the same day yesterday, minus the cold. Today's going to be worse. Despite the public holiday (Day of Reconciliation), it actually pouring with rain in drought-stricken P.E. and that means everyone will be staying home!

My weight is also not great, but let's power through until Friday regardless. Juan's going to go nuts for you, 125 or not! I'm still so impressed and deeply proud. You've done your very best, Sarah and that's what counts.

The fact that Juan thinks your T.M.B.G.I.T.W. says something about you. Something really great! You're still my greatest inspiration. XXX.

Erin Rose said...

agweeed with the muscle comment. you are doing fiine missy! So don't worry about getting down two little pounds by friday!!! You will have loads of fun with Juan whether or not you are 125!

UGHHGHGHGH I went to my grocery and looked for those teas (you have officially gotten me obsessed. thanks dearie!!! <3) but they didnt have them. I saw a variety pack with peppermint and freaked out, but then realized it was the wrong one. :( think I am ordering them for xmas tee hee.

Keep being so lovely, and sweet, and happy-inducing..word??...and amazing!!

Mich said...

You do so well with your running! Don't give up. <3 You've been working so hard--you'll see 125 soon, even it it's not as soon as Friday.


bonesarepure said...

aww thanx hunny no rush its all good
and yay for runnign i relaly dont know how u run in this weathe ri can barley step outside in it
and don tgive up or beat urself up to much ur great and amzing


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