I was 126.8 after my run this morning.  4.8 miles :)  My fast yesterday proved favorable and today I am having breakfast (two rice cakes with vegan cream cheese and jam and a cup of herbal tea), a snack (1 piece whole wheat ginger biscotti), and a small salad (spinach and I'm not sure what else).

I am very pleased that everyone enjoyed the thinspo yesterday.  I just do a lot of random flickr and weheartit searches to find all of those photos.

I know I posted about my favorite Nutcracker Sweet tea, but I think I have a new favorite, Sugar Cookie - I swear to you, it almost tastes buttery!  It does not need any sweetener and it is great with or without a splash of soymilk.  I highly recommend it.  And if it is for some reason not available on your side of the world (that means my lovely down-under girls Adeline and Alice D and Cinnamon in South Africa) please let me know, I could always mail some!

One last thing... grateful thanks and big hugs to my new followers.  I am always amazed at the kindness and support everyone expresses on my blog.  Putting good things into the world like that is not only good for you in the moment, but will make the world a better place and come back to you in the end.  I hope each of you find strength and peace in your week as we begin today.  Whether you're trying to find self-discipline, regain control, recover, or just know yourself better, I hope you are blessed this week.

Lots of love.


Erin Rose said...

*goin' down to the grocery store to buy some TEEEA*

very sweet message doll, and I wish the same to you and more luck for when Juan gets to you! Excellent loss and excellent calories, so you should be right on target!!!


Anonymous said...

congrats that your fast went well! Mine didn't quite go as planned... but I haven't eaten anything today and I really feel like its gunna stay that way. YAY you'r back down to almost-126! i feel like you can be 125 in 4 days, just keep doing what you do, you're doing wonderful!

Tai said...

Thank you so much for sharing that tea! I can't wait to buy some and hopefully halt some of my holiday cravings.

And may you receive a double share of blessings for being so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Hey there gorgeous! I've missed reading your blog! Wow, I have lots to catch up on! Ooh, ginger biscotti sounds so yummy! Salad made with spinach tastes way better than just plain old lettuce- plus, spinach has much more vitamins than lettuce. They have cookie flavored tea?!?!? Oh my gosh...I'm totally getting some!!

Nerisaga said...

Your goal is so, so close!
And I have to say 4.8 miles is impressive!

Just try to stay positive, I am sure you will reach it well in time. :D

Eloise18 said...

That is such a lovely blog, it warmed me :) xxx

Cinnamon Brown said...

WOOHOO! Check out the loss on Sarah! I knew that scale was a lying son-of-a-bitch! I'm so proud of you, Babe!

You are the kindest woman on the planet. I love you to the bones! XXX.

sofia said...

that tea looks absolutely divine, i may have to scour the grocery shelves for some, although i dread that place.
kindness is a very important thing on the wretched earth, i am glad you are here to spread some.

sending love back. <3

VictoriaCrimson said...

I saw the eggnog flavor of that yesterday (but I hate eggnog... haha) and somehow didn't see the other flavors! MUST BUY! Sounds delish :) Your run is awesome! Juan will certainly be pleasantly surprised :)


Anonymous said...

4.8 miles nice!
I just had a quick question.. how to you measure how long your runs are? :] I usually end up using google maps but I don't know how properly reliable that is! ><

A Quiet Battle said...

Oooh, I've had Nutcracker Sweet but never seen the Sugar Cookie flavor. I've gotta start looking!

zette said...

i'll have to grab that tea at the store tonight. i've been having a hard time avoiding adding sweetener to tea lately. cheers for 4.8 miles. i liked your thinspo, sorry i didn't comment on it. i also love searching for thinspo. stay strong, darling. you're doing great.

Alice D said...

If you mailed me some of that - I WOULD TOTALLY MAIL YOU TEA BACK! It would be like tea for Christmas presents! What a sexy, awesome Christmas present! Think that over, man. I would love to send you something too! Because that tea looks drool-worthy. Also, you must be so excited. You can certainly be down to 125lbs in four days, easy. Just stick to what you're doing and you'll be good, I reckon. You're amazing and I love you! (:

Cinnamon Brown said...

Actually, Alice D's so right, that's a brilliant idea, Babe!

Take a look here,11.aspx#Herbal-2,11 I'm not sure if you can get these in the U.S., but this tea is native to S.A. I can send you a box. Let me know what flavours you like and I'll hunt for some speciality rooibos (red bush) for you. XXX.

bonesarepure said...

o imissed ur thinspo post im still wokring on getting all caught up ugh
o ima have to try that tea it just looks ymuuy
yay 4.8 miles today thats great

Mich said...

That tea is sooooooo good! 4.8 miles is awesome. You'll def get down to 125. :D



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