Another day

130.0. I am still totally unsatisfied. I need to step it up, because now I only have 16 days to lose five pounds.

Tomorrow, I am hoping to be under 130. I ran 3.5 miles this morning and had a salad for breakfast (arugula, baby romaine, 5 Morningstar Chik'n strips, 1 small granny smith apple, roaster red pepper slices, sunflower kernels and home-made vinaigrette) with a glass of cider. After that, the only things I have had are some cookie dough (I baked for a friend - that story is coming momentarily) and pomegranate seeds. I am going to weigh myself before I go to work in a bit to see where I am right now.

I know I mentioned my friend who was going to buy me a pair of shoes. Long story short, he did buy them and he's mailing them tomorrow I think. Anyway, he ran the NYC ING Marathno on Sunday - his first marathon ever - and finished 26th! 2:26:39!!! I am so incredibly proud of him and I baked him cookies since I cannot congratulate him in person. That is insane, and it makes me feel like such a slacker that I can barely run four 10-minute miles.

Tonight, I have to finish my personal statement after work. I need to get this Columbia application FINISHED.


Anonymous said...

Your salad sounds delish. Good luck with your application.

Anonymous said...

I'm on a bit of a plateau myself :( I'm doing a fast to get over it :) You can join me if you'd like:)
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You can definitely lose 5 pounds in 16 days! Maybe even more than that! That salad sounds really yummy (though I couldn't see myself eating a salad from breakfast ^^). 3.5 miles is great! I can barely jog 2 before I have to slow it down to a walk!

You shouldn't feel like a slacker at all for your running! I think that's awesome how you can run 4 10-min miles! 10 min miles are my current goal (I normally do 5 mph on the treadmill- 12 min mile) because after one mile at the 10 min mile pace, I'm panting and out of breath!

That's great how your friend bought you those shoes! They were the really fancy, expensive running shoes, right? I hear running shoes are great! Just a side question- how long did it take you to learn to knit and how difficult would you say it is?

bonesarepure said...

o that saladl sounds so yummy :)
and yay for getting th shsoes
wow thats great for ur friend first marathon ever and he did good wow
i currently runa 12minute mile i need to fix that soon
and ur not a slacker at all hun
im glad u and the boy are well
stay strong


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