No sunshine today

Yesterday was a pretty good day, since I ran four miles with my dog Lucy and managed to see 129.8 on the scale (breaking 130 for real seems to still elude me).

Then, today, I am a full pound heavier. Seeing that on the scale honestly ruins my entire day. To make matters worse, taking car of my mom after her surgery is turning out to be pretty difficult, I'm struggling with the writing I have to do for this application, and Juan and I had a fight this morning. I was going to take Lucy for a run again, but not I'm just crying and do not want to go out. I ran Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday this week, so I think it is ok to take today off. I know I deserve the punishment for being so fat, but my heart just isn't in it this morning.

Fighting with Juan just makes me feel so cold inside. He never gets angry, and he was angry at me today - over something kind of insignificant. I suppose I won't eat anything though.


ainasworld said...

It is always crappy and depressing to fight with the significant other. I too feel like not eating when that happens and make me want to puke. I am sure tomorrow will be better.

You are wonderful at your running and yes, you are allowed to take a day free so that your body can have a rest.

bonesarepure said...

im sorry that u had a fight with the boy hun those are teh worst and fights are usally over something stupid that u shoudlnt b fighting over neway well at least thats what happens to me and my boy
yes u deserve a day off from running
stay stong hun

Ariana said...

It sucks when you wake up feeling great and then you look down on the scale- even if I've gained 1/2 pound, I feel so fat and huge all the next day. And just the opposite- if I even lose 1/2 pounds, a very small part of me feels just a bit skinnier.

I hope you and Juan are able to sort things out. Nobody feels good when they're in an argument with another person, especially when it's someone they love.

Mich said...

I'm sorry you're having a rough time of it. You definitely deserve to take a break from running for a day. And you'll see 129, 128, and lower before you know it. ;)

amy said...

definitely take time off today for yourself hun. dw about fights over little things - they happen. people get in moods and every tiny thing becomes significant. he'll come 'round.
stay strong x

Cinnamon Brown said...

I'm so sorry you fought with Juan. I hope next week holds better things for you and smaller numbers too. I think you deserve a break, you've been working so hard and you've done so well.

Thinking of you, my friend. Lots of love.


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