Much better today

I feel 100% better today.

Sometimes, a nice long sleep is what you need to shake off a bad few days. Today, the sun is shining and it is not so cold. I took Lucy for a 3.5 mile run and felt so good afterward. 129.2 after my run (I forgot to weight before).

I did the grocery shopping for my family, and picked up healthy food and lots of drinks. Baby greens and baby spinach, roasted red peppers, sundried tomatoes, baby carrots, hummus, jam, rice cakes, soy yogurt, orange/pineapple juice, pomegranates, pears, tangerines and lots of seltzer, in addition to the other things my family requested. I love when I can control what food enters the house (I never buy candy or anything like that) because I remove the temptations.

Since I woke up late, I did not eat breakfast, so I just had my first meal of the day, a mixed green salad with 6 or 7 Morningstar Chick'n strips, roasted red pepper slices, one tangerine, a few sundried tomato slices and my home-made low-fat vinaigrette. I can feel that today is going to be a great day and the numbers on the scale tomorrow will prove it.

Thank you Amy, Mich, Ariana, Bones Are Pure, Aina, Cinnamon Brown, & Trinity for being so kind to me lately. Your encouragement makes such a difference when I'm feeling down.

Adeline, stay strong dearest. We are all struggling together - chin up. We are here for you and you have been doing amazingly lately. (((hug)))


bonesarepure said...

im glad that ur dong much better today hunt ahts amzing :)
and yes it was relaly nice out today i should o f went for a run
im glad that u can do the shopping that sgreat
and ur salad sounds yummy i always mix a bunch of things in a bowl
and and u can call me dani
stay strong hun

Anonymous said...

Good to hear things are looking up. Your grocery shopping sounds yummy! I wished hubby eats vege but he dont and I am the one who eats it and how much do I need when I am resticting? I miss running but its too cold and slippery to do it here. Come spring I will be out and enjoying the fresh air and hopefully by then I am skinny.

Have a nice and great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're feeling much better! Your right, there's nothing like a bright, sunny day & a good jog to make someone feel better!

I LOVE going grocery shopping for the family! I've always enjoyed it- I also never buy anything bad, just the good stuff (they have vegan soy yogurt!? What brand?? I want some! I've gotten vegan coffee creamer & if I could find vegan yogurt, I could definitely make the switch from vegetarian to vegan! ^^). I hate it when my grandmother goes shopping for food because she always brings back pies, cakes, and cookies >.<

That salad sounds really healthy and delicious! Salads are the best because they're really filling and low in cals. You know doubt burned off all the calories in that salad with your running today!

Stick Thin said...

Sounds like very awesome groceries! I love having only healthy food available, and completely removing the junk food temptation is great! Hope the good mood continues.


Mich said...

That salad sounds DELICIOUS. Today will be a great day, and tomorrow as well! :-*

Anonymous said...

hey pretty girl! Sounds like you're doing pretty well?!

I lOVE being able to go get groceries for the family. its fun, and healthy :)

and, i'm very jealous that you're 129. thats my current goal!

Cinnamon Brown said...

Yes, sleep is my miracle cure! Glad you had a better day and a nice run with Lucy. Please post a pic of her, I bet she's wicked cute!

What a healthy girl, your shopping is an inspiration! Scrummy salad too.

Best of luck with your weigh-in. XXX.


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