So yesterday was a great day. I was down to 129.2 and tested out my new sneakers (a gift from my amazing marathoner friend) on a lovely four mile run that took me about 37 minutes.

I ate like a bird all day, just some fruit and carrots and lots of low/no calorie drinks since I knew I would be going out to have sushi last night.

At dinner, I ordered seaweed salad (my favorite!), a pot of green tea, and three kinds of veggies rolls (only 6 pieces each, rather than fish ones that have 8) - avocado, veggie, and japanese pickle. Unfortunately, I ate it all and had some of those fried noodles that they put on your table while you are waiting for your food.

I was too scared to weight myself this morning because I know all of that salt will cause me to gain two or three pounds of water in an instant.

I also decided to take a photo of myself - since I've noticed a nice trend in the before-and-after department here around Blogger. This is more of a "middle" more than a "before," but my goodness is it a painful reminder of how much work I have left. Considering I wanted to be 125 by Thanksgiving, which is in 10 days...

So I know I have been in worse shape than this, but my thighs are definitely disgustingly huge and my arms will forever be chubby, it seems. I don't know how I am possibly fitting into a size 2/4 right now. Oh, and that tape measure reads 25.5"


Anonymous said...

girl, you can SO do a measly 4 pounds in 10 days, its so easy!!! just be strong!

you do not look terrible by any means anyway. and a tiny 4 pounds would make you look more gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

You will so be able to be down 4 pounds by Thanksgiving :) Just keep your mind on the goals!

I love your new trainers! A new pair always makes me feel good!

You definitely do not look disgustingly huge. Your stomach is amazing, and you can see your ribs :)

Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

4 miles in 37 minutes is amazing! Probably not to you, but it makes me look like a snail...a fat snail :D. Sushi is amazing!!! There's some at a store here that I've had my eye on for the past 2's like one of those cravings that won't leave you alone until you eat whatever it is you're craving. I got paid today so I'm going to have some tonight for sure! Those fried noodles are like the forbidden fruit with Eve- she knew not to eat it, but it was SO good, how could she not?! =)

Hey, you look great! I love the hat in the second picture! Once I'm down to 140 I'll be posting progress pics, but not until then! You can see your ribs in the second pic- 'tis awesome! These aren't scarring photos at all! 25.5 inches is something to be proud of! I'm at 29 right now- I can't wait until I'm at 25. You can totally lose 4 pounds by Thanksgiving!

bonesarepure said...

u look great hun u can c ur ribs its amazing ur not fat u look good
andu can def lose teh weight by thanksgivng u just gotta stay strong
love the new shoes

Anonymous said...

*Sigh* I wish I looked like you. You have such beautiful proportions, so when you're tiny, you're going to be so damn perfect!

You're my running inspiration :)

All my love,
Adeline xx

amy said...

you look really great!!! such a flat stomach - im jealous!

teaspoon said...

Wow your stomach is great!
And wow four miles in half an hour is great!
Good job :)

Cinnamon Brown said...

WOWEEZOWEE!!! What beautiful, shapely legs you have and such skinny ankles too! It must be all the running. And just look at those ribs, AMAZING! You're looking HOT, Babe and your thighs are definitely not disgustingly huge! Feel my envy! Well done, you're gonna look great for Thanksgiving! XXX. P.S. 4 miles in 37 minutes? Holy shit, 'Lightning Legs'!

Ophelia said...

Your stomach is AMAZING! So flat! Andb you have lovely shapely legs and arms.
Your running progress is amzing by the way.


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