Way too kind

Thank you, my loveliest of lovely ladies for all of the kind words on yesterday's post. Everyone had such nice things to say and it warms my little heart :)

I am still a little down about hitting some kind of plateau here, because I keep fluctuating between 129.something and 130.something every day. Today, 130.6. Ugh. I think I am going to possibly adjust my goal weight day, if by the end of the week I am not down to 128.

No running today - it's raining, raining, raining. I actually feel pretty lousy anyway, because I have cramps, even though it's not the right time for that.

I had coffee and a rice cake with one tablespoon almond butter and a bit of jam (45+90+20+20 = 175) for breakfast. Then, I just made lunch, and decided to make it my dinner meal, so I had veggie/tofu fajitas. According to the package, if made with chicken, one two-tortilla serving is 340 calories. I am going to assume my tofu version was about that or less. So, that puts me at 515 so far for today. A good place to stop, I think.

Hmmmm, the sweater is nearly finished! I will take photos as soon as it is done, I promise.

I also bought a super sexy pair of boots today :) I have been eyeing them for ages and this morning a 20% off coupon popped into my email. I took it as a sign.

I might bake cupcakes today, for my family and brother. If so, I will have one, only one. I have to stop eating so much.

I took a few more photos this morning... should I put them up?


Cinnamon Brown said...

OH MY GODDD!!! If you don't buy those boots, I'm coming over there... So stunning! Can you spell Kate Beckinsale in Van Helsing?!!! http://www.allmoviephoto.com/photo/2004_van_helsing_015.html Über-hot!

Your intake is amazingly low. Good job, one cupcake seems more than justified! I know you'll crack that plateau soon!

Can't wait to see the sweater and YES! More photos, please! XXX.

Anonymous said...

Those boots are amazing :) Lovelovelove them!
Glad the sweater is going along good :D
Yes put photo's up! :) Its thinspiring to see everyone elses weight loss :D
And I hope you get rid of that annoying plateau soon!

Anonymous said...

plateaus are SO dumb. the only way I can ever think to fix them is to do the worst thing ever- eat normally until your metabolism is used to 1500+ calories again, then drop back down. If your body gets used to such a small amount of calories, it will either get screwed up forever and you'll be stuck with such a slow metabolism forever, and/or you won't loose any weight unless you drop your calories to a level that your body still is unaccustomed to, and then drop some more, and drop to nothing. So every once in a while, you gotta do the unbearable and eat for a little while. sucks, i know :/

bonesarepure said...

those boots are amzing
and yes allow urself one cupcake ur intake is low so far
def post the pics
and i hate rain
stay strong

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE those boots! They're the kind of thing I would wear! Oh and please do post the photos, I have so many more compliments stored away just itching to be used on you lol.

I would love to fast together. If I'm correct it must be coming up to 5.30pm Tuesday where you are. For me it's coming up to 11.30am Wednesday. So if I count mine as having started when I woke up thismorning, maybe you should fast tomorrow (for you) so we both fasted on Wednesday :)

Absolutely up to you, but I certainly don't intend to eat today!

Love you so much,
Adeline xx


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