Not good.

I had a terrible day, eating wise.

Rice cakes for breakfast (fine), pomegranate seeds (great), home-made pumpkin spice latte (fine), and then it went downhill. One of our tech reps brought Olive Garden soup, salad, and breadsticks. The soups were either meaty or creamy, so I skipped and had salad. Sounds ok, but I has three pepperoncinis a few olives, light dressing on it, and then TWO breadsticks on which I put olive hummus. Then, I proceeded to snack on candy all day. To make matters worse, I got home from work, made a salad (arugula, three sundried tomatoes, Morningstar chick'n strips, vinegar) and ate the last of the loaf of bread. MORE BREAD?! UGH!!!

I had LAci-le-Beau tea before bed so that I would empty everything this morning but my weight soared back up to 130.4. Disgusting. I know much of that is salt/water retention, but it is still horrific.

To make matters worse, it is raining today, which means no run. And, my mom had knee replacement surgery yesterday and is trying to keep comfortable on the couch in the room where our treadmill lives. FML.

Nothing but liquids today - sounds like a perfect idea.

I finally started my school applications yesterday. Columbia's deadline is magically December 1st, which makes my life more difficult, since that is terribly short notice for writing letters of recommendation. I have to just buckle down and get that application written. I really am not a last-minute kind of person, but it is what it is.

Have a better day than I am, please.


Stick Thin said...

You can do the school app. Just buckle down like you said, it'll be worth it. The weight will go back down, I promise. Maybe try to do some square and lunges? Good luck!

Mich said...

Yesterday was a disaster for me too. I did so well all day, even ate out successfully. Then my a-hole friend brings over a cookies and creme pie. >:( I ate a huge piece of it before I managed to get control of myself and shove it down the waste disposal. Still like 1000 calories.

Today will be a better day! Good luck with those applications, hun!!

MissMisery said...

Yesterday was a total fail for me too, I am just going to concentrate on having a good few days now.

amy said...

ugh i know how you feel. it sucks. and even though we say it all the time, tomorrow IS another day. i've just had my 'day after' and it was great. you can make it happen too
stay strong x

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your application. Like you said, the weight is probably water retention due to the salt. Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities.

bonesarepure said...

good luck on ur applications hunny ikno wthat u can get them all down and u will get into the school of ur choice
sorry about the rain i hate it it needs to stop pouring already
sorry about the bad food day but we all have them just keep reming urself that tomm will b better

Cinnamon Brown said...

Shit! I'm really sorry to hear things are such a fuck up right now. I hope things turn around soon.

Best of luck with your application, I have a good feeling about it and about tomorrow!

Stay strong and remember, NEVER SURRENDER!!!
My thoughts are with you. XX.


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