Goals, motivations and thank yous

I have officially reached my first goal. For the third day in a row, I was under 130 - 129.4 to be exact.

It's amazing how high we all feel from losing weight. Just a few tenths of a pound less on that scale in the morning is enough to set me in a good mood for the whole day. Somehow, I feel I am not alone in this observation.

I went for a short run today - it was 30 degrees and I strained my hip yesterday, so only about 2.5 miles and some extra hills. I love the way I feel after I get in from a run, sort of invincible. Even when I have only been out for a little while. In San Diego, I was running 4-6 miles every time I went out. Now I run 2-3. I need to get my strength and willpower back so I can run some 10ks this spring. As for now, I just have the Turkey Day 5k to worry about. Even a silly little race helps motivate me to work harder.

I would like to thank the several girls Adeline, Mich, Amy, Bonesarepure, Cinnamon Brown, and Ariana - among others - who faithfully and kindly comment to my posts. I try my best to write back in a timely manner, but please know that every comment I receive really makes my day so much better. I appreciate all of the considerate, compassionate words you offer. We could all learn a lot from you.

So, today, I am pledging my next goal weight to this community. I promise that I will lose the next five pounds by Thanksgiving, not for me, not for Juan, not for anyone but the lovely girls here. We are all struggling with our own versions of disordered eating. None is less real than another. Regardless of what stage you are in, we can offer support to one another, and so I am going to do it for you all.


Anonymous said...

Nope, you're definitely not alone in your observation! Even if the scales is a 1/2 pound lower (my scale on goes to the half pound ><), I'm really happy and I feel skinnier. But if it goes up a half pound, I feel fat and blaoted the rest of day and I want to hide in a jacket or hoodie!

You ran even with a sprained hip and the chilly weather?! (I think you mean 30 degrees F, right?) Wow, that's really awesome! I wish I had that sort of determination! I get lazy sometimes (but I'm working on that!) and if I don't feel well, I won't exercise. I need to exercise anyways, even if I don't feel like it!

I need to get back into running again and build up my suckish endurance! I'm tired after about 2 miles. I've never been a great runner because I would get out of breath easily but I think I just need to improve my strength and endurace. I'd love to be about to run 4-6 miles without stopping!

Aww...your last paragraph was so sweet and inspiring! I'm going to dedicate my next 5 pounds lost to everyone on here too, including you! I wish I could drop 10 by Thanksgiving, but even 5 would be great!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your reaching your first goal!

AnnaRiot said...

Congratulations on reaching your goal! I wish I could run like you, I can only just run 1 mile, let alone 6 :)

Keep up the great work, good luck in your race!
<3 XoXo

Helen said...

Congrats on the loss! This post is so heartwarming. I'm trying to get into running, right now I mainly stick to ellipticals because I'm very much out of shape. Good luck on making your goals!

bonesarepure said...

omg yay congrats on reaching first goal that is fucking amzing yay yay yay
and ur right when the scale goes down it makes everything better
when it goes up fucking hell breaks lose
sorry u coudlnt run much today dont u just love cold jersey weather nuttin like san diego right
is there a gym by u that u could mayb join then u could run on tready(treadmill) and not b freezing
idk what part of jersey ur in but i live right on the border of jersey and Pa so i go to retro fitness idk if ur even newhere by me but its $20 bucks a month which is the cheapest around me at least

amy said...

yay for reaching your first goal!! big congratulations :) it's so true - you could be 130.1 one day and then 129.9 the next but it makes the world of difference. your last paragraph was put so so nicely - we're all going through things that are so different yet so the same and definitely need to support each other as best we can!
good luck on that next 5lbs - you will definitely get there :P
stay strong xx

Cinnamon Brown said...

Well done, Babe! Come Turkey Day, you're gonna be smokin' HOT!

Wow, I can't believe how cold it is there already. Then again, I'm from the Southern tip of Africa, it rarely gets below 59°F during the day and 41°F at night, during our winter. Well done for going out running in that! You're so right, I also feel invincible after a run, even if it's only 5km!

Thank you for your lovely reply, it's always so good to hear from you. I don't mind if it's only now and then, I realise how busy we all are and even just a quick catch-up sometime in the week is great, so thanks again.

Until your next weigh-in, my thinnest thoughts are with you! XX.

Mich said...

Congrats on your goal!! It feels so good to stand on the scale and see the number going down...

I love going for runs in the cold. Especially at night. It just makes me feel ALIVE. Careful with that hip, though! :-*


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