The words just haven't been flowing the past few days.

I'm at a plateau, my dear girls, meaning I hover between 128.8 (after my run) and 130.2 ever morning for the past week.

This calls for some drastic action.

No more food for the rest of the day for me (I had rice cakes and tea for breakfast, a few pieces of chocolate, and a spinach salad with Morningstar strips, roasted red peppers, and sundried tomatoes for lunch). I had to run errands and help my mom out this morning, so I did not have a chance to get in my workout. Yesterday, I ran 3.2 miles in 27:30. I am hoping that I can break 27 minutes on my 5k on Thursday morning.

Tomorrow, I am meeting my roommates from college for lunch. I plan to wake up early, go for a run, and be ready by 9:15. For lunch, I will have a salad, of course, since there is barely anything else for me to eat at the diner we are going to.

I wanted to be 125 by Thanksgiving, but it is not happening. I apologize to all of you beautiful, hard working girls for letting you down. I will do better.

Salad for lunch, only, tomorrow. Thursday is the race and Thanksgiving, so I will have a small piece of my vegan shepherd's pie and a slice of my vegan maple cake. Friday, out for another run and nothing after breakfast.

And for my darling Adeline. Pardon my French, but I fucking adore you. I am sorry you have been hurt, but please take comfort in the fact that it was likely not intended that way. I think people have simply been inspired by you. If you have to leave us, I understand, but I will miss you terribly.


Cinnamon Brown said...

SHIT!!! I hate the dreaded 'p' word! I can't remember which wonderful 'girly/ies' posted this, but I certainly found this site interesting

For what it's worth, you're my inspiration and absolutely NOT a let-down. I'm so amazed by how hard you work and so envious of how well you've done. 125 by Christmas is a brilliant plan! I just know you're gonna have yourself a skinny little Christmas!

All my love. XXX.

Broken_Mirrors said...

You haven't let anyone down ! You will break your plateu, I know it ! Also, completely agree with you about Adeline, if she goes she will be missed by many. xxx

Ariana said...

Plateau's suck :/. However, you're not gaining so that's always a plus! Good luck with the 5K race! You'll do awesome! And that's great that you finished the sweeter! That shows you have great skill and patience <3

bonesarepure said...

u def didnt let me down hun plateus happen and they suck
u can def break the 27 min mark i knjow u can


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