It is Friday!

This does not mean very much to me, unfortunately, because I work until eight tonight and then nine-to-five tomorrow. It is still almost the weekend and I actually have some plans with friends for once. Drinks tonight and I think I might do some Christmas shopping tomorrow after work. I would love to go see the new HP, but I need to find someone to go with me.

128.6 this morning after my run. 4.2 miles in 38 minutes. Not too shabby.

Sorry for the short update, but I have to go to work! I promise a lengthy post with thinspo tomorrow.

Have a lovely day ladies!


Anonymous said...

Fridays are my favorite time of the week! It's great to know that you can stay up late and not worry about getting any homework done =). Hope your weekend is eventful and fun!

Anonymous said...

yay for plans! i hope you have a wonderful weekend and get to see hp soon!!! its SO good!

A Quiet Battle said...

Hope you have a great weekend! You are so inspirational with your running! I wish I had that much ambition.

Anonymous said...

Impressive running time! :) Nice to find a fellow runner :D

Have a lovely weekend :)

Cinnamon Brown said...

Ugh, work!

I'm also pulling 9-2-5 tomorrow, so not in the mood!

Hope you get to see HP and do a bit of shopping.

Have a drink for me! XX.

bonesarepure said...

wow u running machine goood job
i like fridays cause i get to c teh boyfriend
have fun tonite with ur plans hun

amy said...

definitely make time for HP :) x

teaspoon said...

HP is so good. You've got to see it!
Love your running time! Need to work on mine.

Mich said...

I wish I could run like you do! I feel like a bum--the most I can do is power walk 45 mins.

have a great weekend, and enjoy HP!


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