Sleep tight

5K Turkey Trot in the morning (much better than gorging myself, right?)

Wish me luck :)

I promise a long, thorough post tomorrow. I have the whole day off and pretty much no commitments aside from the early morning race.

Bonne nuit!


A Quiet Battle said...

Have fun at the race! Happy Thanksgiving!

Alice D said...

what was the 5k turkey trot? i am curious, although from the comment above i am guessing it is some kind of race. nonetheless, good luck with that! :)
i hope you're well,
alice d.

Cinnamon Brown said...

Bonne chance, mon cher!
Bonne nuit! XXX.

I love online dictionaries! :D

Anonymous said...

Have fun at the race! We know you're going to do great!! <3

bonesarepure said...

good luck love witht he race im sure uw ill do great


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