Sometimes I hate being a woman

I generally just feel lousy right now.

Yesterday was a terrible day at the office (I am a receptionist at a veterinary practice) and we had to put this really great dog to sleep because she was extremely sick. Four generations of her family came to visit or called to check on her. The girls I work with let me leave first so I did not have to be there. I cried when I got in the car.

Being depressed/menstrual left me craving everything yesterday, and I ate way too many sweets. Serves me right that my weight ballooned back up to 133.2. FML. I have cramps and I just want to stay in bed today with a cup of tea.

I ran yesterday, but I am really not feeling up to it today. I just want this silly week of feminine problems to be over so I can get back to restricting and running harder.

I know that this blog is sometimes an outlet for my rants and depressed attitudes, but honestly, I am quite a sunny person. I am a glass half-full, believe people do the best, kind of person. My hormones need to just stop messing with me so I can feel that way again :)

I hope everyone is having a better day than I am.

Here's to grumbly tummies...


amy said...

ugh hormones...they seriously screw up your mind sometimes! i always get so tetchy and angry about everything, and the worst thing is my mum always knows and goes oooh it's that time of the month and that just makes me angrier (mainly because it's true!)
luckily it doesn't last too long :) xx

Mich said...

Sorry about the dog at work, and the Monthlies. :( You must be one tough chick, to work in a vet's office! I don't think I could do it. I'm not bothered when people are sick or in pain (lol, that makes me sound terrible), but animals are a different story...

Hope your monthlies go away sooner rather than later, and have a good weekend!! xoxoxo

bonesarepure said...

hey i say on mich blog when u commented that ur from warren county. so am i wonder how close we are or we we know each other and dont even know it
im sorry about that dog hun that is so sad
and damn period always ruin everything dont they

Anonymous said...

That's so sad about the dog =(. Dogs/cats are so sweet and innocent, putting them down must be a hard thing for anyone to do. I couldn't do it...I'd cry too much. That was really nice that the girls you work with let you leave- I wouldn't have wanted to watch either :(.

I feel you about the female-ness. Periods + water weight/bloated + craps = sweet cravings to me last night. I downed a few mini-choclate candys last night and I'm thinking, "Why I am wanting all this chocolate?!"
Mother Nature: "Why hello there, Ariana! I think it's time we meet again!"
Me: "Screw off, I hate you. One day I'll be skinny enough where you'll never be around! MWAHAHAHA!"
...or something like that.

I was crying over being unprepared for a test today (alas, procrastination kick my rear-end again) and I never cry (ok, almost never). I get moody, crouchy, easily offended, cry at everything, pop off to anyone who says something the wrong way, cramps- the whole hormonal package! I feel sorry for the men that must put up with us!

I hope you get to feeling better! I hear extra strength Midol is a gift from the gods. Thankfully by day 3 or 4 you start feeling like yourself again. Hey, this is your blog! You can rant, gripe, moan, complain all you want too! Everyone needs their own little outlet to get their emotions out. You're able to connect with people going through the same things you are and everyone understands you and doesn't judge you at all- it's a great place really =)

Anonymous said...

wow that is so sad about the dog, but that just shows what a caring and loving person you really are :)
i wish i could give you a hug!

grr sorry about the hormones but the good thing is after your perioid you are boud to have a loss since people usually bloat around that time woohoo!!

We know you are a sunny person - not just sunny you are the brightest star in the whole wide universe!oh whihc may be the sun but hopefully not :P

Cinnamon Brown said...

I don't know how you cope with your job. I couldn't do it. Much respect!

I seem to be in a similar state, pre 'monstrual' symdrome. Ugghhh, egregious!! I'm also, usually a cheerful person, sunny disposition and all, but today I've been a total walking raincloud! I must agree, being a chick sucks dick!!!

It can only get better from here! :)

teaspoon said...

Ahhhhh, fucking periods. I wish there was no such thing! So annoying. Also adding to the fact that you bleed every fucking hour you get crazy mood swings. It sucks.

You can keep ranting on here, that's what blogs are for :) To put those rants elsewhere so that it wont get in the way of your life.

Sorry about the dog ): <3

Kat not Jas said...

Ugh. I'm so sorry! That must have been horrible. :(


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