Down a bit

131.4 after my run today. I know it is lower because I went running (3.2 miles) but just seeing those numbers makes me fee so much better.

Still sipping on chai and eating toast. I think I will bring vegetable soup to work for dinner.

My mom went grocery shopping yesterday and brought home all kinds of food for me... beets (my favorite), broccoli raub, almond milk, some kind of cereal bars... is it horrible that the idea of having all of this food (and possibly letting it go to waste) overwhelms me?

Just focusing on 130. I can do it.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the lower numbers :) I was just wondering, where do you buy your chai from?
Your posts have sparked my interested!

You will hit 130 soon :) Good luck xxx

Anonymous said...

yes, you CAN do it! dont give in, and dont let the food go to waste you could always take it for lunch then give it away, OR once you reach a GW have a little something


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