Finally, some results! 131.4 this morning and I did not run yesterday or today. Maybe it was just hormonal fluctuation causing my misery.

I also have a xanga, where I generally re-post my same blogs. The community of people there is a bit different, and another girl and I are racing to our next goal weights. I am trying to break 130 and she is shooting for 135. Competition is great motivation for me. I am less than two pounds away. I can do it.

I am going to see Johnny Flynn in Philadelphia. He is so scrumptiously lovely - my friend Erin thinks he's gorgeous but I simply find his voice mesmerizing.

We're going to see him tonight and beforehand I think we are stopping at a four-story Anthropologie... Not that I need to do a lot of shopping, but maybe I can get some Christmas presents a bit early.

I am trying to decide on Juan's Christmas present. I REALLY want to knit him a sweater. I know that sounds ultra cheesy, but here is the pattern I have picked out. I want to knit it in a dark charcoal or chocolate tweed. I am just trying to decide if he will like it/wear it. 


MissMisery said...

we are the same weight today :)

teaspoon said...

Yeah, I remember being on xanga. People are much more competitive there while people here are just floating around and doing it for themselves.

i think the sweater is hott!
Have fun at the gig :) x

bonesarepure said...

knitting a sweater would b nice
and have fun in philly tonite
and u will reach ur goals ur dong so well

Broken_Mirrors said...

wow, that songs really good :) have fun tonight.

Also congrats on almost reaching your goal !

I think the sweater is a really good idea, he will love it !


Anonymous said...

Wow, that sweeter is really nice! Homemade gifts are always better than store bought ones- for some reason people tend to love something more when you've put your thought and hard work into something! I'm sure he'll love it! Knitting is really great hobby I hear- you have lots of patience! =)

Cinnamon Brown said...

Congratulations on your results. I'm sure you're going to win the competition too!

That sweater is so beautiful. I just love the garter stitch trims. So simple, yet so effective. A rollneck always looks so sexy on a man and your colour choices are great!

I'm sure Juan will love anything that you've made yourself. He's a very lucky boy!
Hope you enjoy the knitting.


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