So close I can taste it

Oh, the irony of that phrase.

130.8 this morning. That is less than one whole pound to go before I have reached my first true goal (and New Year's Resolution goal).

I know one hundred and thirty pounds is still massive compared to all of you beautiful skinny ladies out there, but it is a small achievement for me and I am thrilled.

The concert last night was awesome. It turns out that Johnny Flynn is completely socially awkward (we talked to him before the show) but still charming. My friends think he is amazingly gorgeous - I will admit he is handsome, but he is 27 and I think he looks about 18. Unfortunately, we did not get to go to the Anthropologie flagship store because of time constraints. I was just as excited about that as I was about the concert, so my friend Erin and I are planning to drive back down there next Sunday.

I received such positive feedback on the sweater! I am going to search for yarn tomorrow. I found a few yarns online that are possibilities, but I need to see some things in person. Charcoal or chocolate tweed, wool blend, preferably with a bit of silk. I hope I can find it for under $100.

I slept in big time today, so I skipped my run. Tsk tsk. Tomorrow, I will be up bright and early to get my bum out the door.

Still sipping on chai :)

Have a lovely day everyone.


bonesarepure said...

o ih ate driving to phillymanly cause i panic in traffic of ne kind so whene ver we go i make the boyfriend drive
glad u had a great time though
yay for close to ur goal though that is amazing
keep it up hun

teaspoon said...

Have fun on your run :)
And good luck with the sweater :D I think the idea is so cute!

Almost.Skinny said...

Almost there! you can do it!!
I think the sweater idea is gorgeous- make sure you post a pic when you're done! :)


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