Smile today

130.4 before my run and 129.8 after :-D

I feel so good today. I know I am still ten pounds (or more) from my true goal, but even the smallest loss makes me feel great.

I bought yarn for Juan's sweater - it's an alpaca/wool blend in dark charcoal gray. 

I hope everyone is having a good, positive day too.

I love the posts that have been floating around that are sort of "getting to know you" posts. I think it's so nice to learn a bit about the anonymous authors here. You ladies are all so supportive and sweet. I feel happy with you when you are celebrating a success or feeling good, and I am saddened when you feel depressed and down.

I challenge you to think of something you really like about yourself today. I know that disordered body image and eating habits lead to depressive states of mind that prevent us from appreciating ourselves, so please try and quantify one (or more!) things that you like about yourself.

I like that I am a very forgiving person. Sometimes, this gets me into trouble, because I get burned by the same person more than once. I like to believe that people hurt others for forgivable reasons and you never know what is going on in someone's life that led him or her to lash out. Revenge is fruitless.

Still sipping on my chai...


bonesarepure said...

yay for the lil loss its still something thats great
i didnt run today but when on a long walk i wanna run but between my leg and chest issues really cant right now
im sure he will love the sweater
o happy thing my phone came today thank god it got stolen on sat and my replacemtn finally came today

um hmmm one good thing damn idk i guess i can b a good listener whenmy head isnt all cloudy and i can concentrate but i like helping ppl it makes me feel better bout myself like i might now b able to help myself but if i can help some1 else then im ok

AnnaRiot said...

I love weighing after exercise, It proves to me how much I can benefit from it. Well done with your loss!

One thing I like about myself? Well in terms of appearance I like my hair and that's about it, and mentally I value my intelligence.



Ariana said...

Ok, first of all, I love your postive, happy outlook! You're very encouraging! I have the problem of being too forgiving. It's good in that you never hold grunges much, but bad in that people can hurt you time and time again and they know you'll always forgive them. And chai is amazing! Especially with a bit of cream & splenda! I've had two of them today :D. I wish I knew how to is really difficult to learn? I've tried crocheting and..well, I just couldn't get the basics down! I'd love to learn how to make oversized, soft blankets but I'm afraid I won't have the patience!

Cinnamon Brown said...

Hey, Chai-chaser Girl!

I also love it, it's the cinnamon, yum!

Well done again on another weight loss win!

That yarn sounds amazing and alpaca/wool means it's going to be super warm! Enjoy the knitting.

The thing I like about myself is that I have the weird ability to find things, like things that have gone missing in the house or sourcing things that other people need. I'm like a sniffer-dog that way! It makes me feel useful. My housemates affectionately refer to me as 'The Finder' as a little joke. We all love the song 'The Seeker' by The Who.

Have a lovely day!


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