Holding steady

I have been 130.4 two days in a row. I want to keep losing, of course, but at least I know getting to 130 was not a fluke.

I skipped breakfast today, had a large mug of spiced hot cider (probably a lot of sugar calories), a roasted beet salad (no cheese or creamy dressing - just spinach, vinaigrette and a sprinkling of walnuts), two small slices of homemade soda bread (the nub of the loaf - legitimately small), and a small apple. I am drinking green tea chai with a splash of almond milk right now. I am hoping that this low calorie day will help me be even smaller tomorrow.

No run yesterday or today, I had errands to tend to with my mom, and I just did not get to it, unfortunately.

So, good news - I am making fabulous progress on Juan's sweater and I am completely psyched! I also signed up for a 5k on Thanksgiving, so now I have to make sure I can crank out 3.1 miles in way under 30 minutes. And, the most exciting thing so far... my clothes are obviously getting too big for me. Yesterday, my mom and I went shopping for a bit and I bought two pairs of pants. The jeans I bought from Banana Republic were a size 26/2R, and the corduroys from J Crew a 27 (which they equate to a 2). I also bought a gorgeous, but unnecessary, dress from J Crew in a 0, and it's even roomy. I am 100% sure both of these stores vanity size, because there is no way I would fit in a designer 4, let alone a 2, but pulling on those jeans made me so freaking happy yesterday. If you're wondering how that's even possible, remember, I am 5'7.5", 130ish pounds, and around a 34-25.5-36.5. I am aiming to lose at least another inch and a half from my waist.

Tonight, I am going out after work with my coworkers, so I am going to have one glass of wine. I have to be good, because I am going to bake cupcakes tomorrow and probably be out all day on Sunday, and I have to allot for extra calories.

I hope you are all thinking of the things you like about yourselves and that you have lovely weekends (unlike me, who has to work!)

Oh, one last thing - yesterday, Juan asked me, when I told him I needed new pants because my old ones didn't fit "You're not bulimic, are you?" (not that I haven't had my moments, but no, I'm not) AND my friend Erin asked, jokingly, when I told her the same thing (she asked me if my pants were new - we see each other every day, she'd notice that sort of thing) "Sarah, you don't have an eating disorder do you?" Kind of spooky.


Cinnamon Brown said...

Wowzahs! That sandwich sounds awesome, I love earthy food. My housemates just turn their noses up! Cretins!

I can't wait to see your sweater. I love handmade goods, especially clothes. Speaking of clothes, congratulations on your smaller sizes, you'll be the envy of us all soon!

Best of luck for the run, you go girl!

I'll join you in a glass of wine, I have lovely 2007 Pinotage just waiting to be quaffed!
Cheers! X.

bonesarepure said...

hey hun i cant wait to c the sweater either i bet its gonna turn on amazing :)
o im sure that u can do the run just gotta train thats all but i know that u can do it :)
yay for new clothes :)
im osrry that the boy and ur friend said that just do what i do and laugh it off
im sorry u didnt get ur run in
but have fun tonite enjoy ut class of wine

Anonymous said...

The nubs of the loaf of bread are always my favorite =). I'll reach my hand all the way to the back of the loaf just to get the other end of the bread!

Nice fitting into those tiny jeans! I hate it when stores vanity size :/. It's hard to determine what size you really are because every brand of clothing at every store is different, which makes shopping for clothes even more frustrating!

amy said...

wooo for tiny sizes!! i've got this dress that used to fit me but doesn't and every now and then i pull it on to see if i can do it up a little more. and also i see how loose my high-waisted belt is and if i have to do it up one tighter! clothes are an excellent weight-loss indicator :)
stay strong x

Mich said...

Hey lady, I never realized you were in New Jersey, too! Yes the wind was invigorating yesterday. Went on a lovely hike and had to bring 2 sweaters. -_-

Can't wait to see pics of your sweater!! I wish I could make useful things like that, but alas all I could do is embroider...



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