Challenging myself

I failed miserably on my third fast today. I am going to begin tomorrow morning instead and stay focused on my peaceful protest to the injustices of the world.

I need to challenge myself. Fasting. Finding a school. Losing another 10. Working hard. Running. Budgeting.

I need to set some short term goals for the next month. Breaking life into smaller portions makes challenges seem much more feasible.

Goal #1: See a consistent 128 or lower on the scale. Right now I am typically 131.8-132.8 when I wake up. By restricting and incorporating my next two goals, I can get there.

Goal #2: Fast two more weekends in October and possibly continue into November. I was successful the first weekend, and did ok last weekend. Tomorrow, I am restarting to redeem myself, and hopefully I can rediscover my self control.

Goal #3: Run 3+ miles 4-5 days per week. It is a complete shame how my running regimen has fallen to pieces since I moves back from San Diego. I was typically running 4-5 miles 5-6 days a week. The weather there is always perfect for running, and the hot humid summer, in addition to my lame work schedule hasn't been helping the situation. Now that it is cold, I have to stay internally motivated and convince myself that even a short run is worth it.

Goal #4: Choose which schools I want to apply to for my MPH, clean up my resume, request letters of recommendation, and begin essays. Again the with organization and motivation - I have to set up a system and work a little bit each day. It is sort of silly that I have been procrastinating this.

Goal #5: Budget. I do not have a great paying job, but I work nearly full time and occasionally even make some overtime hours (on a good week). I need to plan out a spreadsheet to manage my monthly expenses - cell phone, car insurance, savings, school loans, etc.

Writing all of that made me feel so much better. I have always been a to-do list kind of girl. The most immediate tasks at hand are completely a successful 48 hour fast, as part of the Hungry for Change challenge. I plan to bring my running clothes and shoes to work so I can go on a trail run directly from the office. This way, I have no excuse.

P.S. I took that photo in the Loire Valley - one of the best photos I have ever taken!


Anonymous said...

I love your plan darling, and that photo is absolutely beautiful!

Hugs and encouragement,
Adeline xx

Almost.Skinny said...

I know what you mean- baby steps seem much more manageable.
Your plan sounds great, you can do it!! :) Stay strong xxx
p.s. stunning photo!

Alice D said...

Short term goals are the best way to go, honey. It means you're not pushing yourself to accomplish everything you're dreaming of in the next ten seconds! I wish you all the luck in my heart. <3


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