Crunch time

As I explained in my last post, I am beginning a mii-challenge for myself. There is quite a bit I want to accomplish in the next few weeks, both concerning my life in general, and my weight.

Accomplishments so far:
  • I ran Friday/Saturday/Today, with hills on each day. I have not been running very fast or far lately, but I'm working back into it. Tomorrow morning, I plan to do three miles.
  • I am narrowing my school search.

  • I have not worked on my budget yet, and my bank account is proof.
  • I was 133.4 this morning - YUCK. Hopefully, since I ate light today and ran, I will be 132ish tomorrow.

  • My fast went... ok... I drank lots of liquids yesterday and did not touch food until around 8pm. I had soup and bread (both homemade and not full of nasty un-pronounceable ingredients) and somehow still managed to gain overnight.
So tomorrow needs to be a better day. A smaller number on the scale and a bigger smile.


Almost.Skinny said...

Nice work with your running!! I'm impressed :) Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow fingers crossed for 132! Stay strong xxx


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