I have been feeling very uninspired lately and not wanting to write. Part of it is because I am ashamed that my weight is so stagnant. I am still hovering between 132.5-134.

Yesterday, I had a bit of salty food and so I was 134.

Today, I am trying to honestly crack down. I'm drinking coffee with almond milk now and had a teaspoon-ful of raw almond butter. I will have a small salad before I leave for work, but at work I am not going to eat anything.

Tomorrow, I will be lighter.

My friend arrives in less than two weeks and I am still not down to 130.

Weighed myself again - 133.6

I need some serious thinspo today...


Ava-Rose said...

Happy you are back.You can get down to 130 by the time your friend arrives no prob!


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