Rainy Day

Normally, the rain makes me a bit melancholy, but the scale read 131.6 this morning, which helps lift my mood.Juan has been acting very "boyfriendly" lately and I am not so sure what to make of it. He told me last night, "I want to take you on a date soon." I won't believe a thing until I am picking him up from the airport (if) when he comes to visit.

I still really haven't gotten back into my running regimen. Last week I ran four times, but then this week it has been really rainy. Tomorrow, I need to just lace up my kicks and go once I am finished with my pet-sitting appointment.

My friend Pauline, from France, will be here on the 3rd of September. I am planning a trip to Montreal for labor-day weekend, which should be lovely. I have to work on Saturday, but after work, Pauline and I will drive up to my brother's, just north of Albany. Then we'll all head to Montreal to sight-see Sunday/Monday. I booked us a night at Le Westin for Sunday night. I have a feeling it is going to be a great little adventure.

Rainy day thinspiration...



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