I really need to go running today. I feel like my bum is getting saggy since I'm not running - all the hills around here always keep it in great shape. Honestly, there are four things (and ONLY four) I like about my body: my bum, my hair, my eyes, and my lips. Everything else I would quickly swap for someone else's. It is raining, but I still think I want to go when I get back from the DMV.I am finally switching back my California license/plates/registration to NJ today. I also have to go to the bank, and both are in a town with a Dunkin' Donuts, which means iced coffee (black please!) for lunch... yummmm!!!

Juan is actually talking about coming to visit... I'll believe that when he buys a plane ticket.

Thank you for all of the positive comments about my little Louisette! She is so cute and she is fitting in extremely well around here. She is so comforting and snuggly :)

Yesterday, I managed to wear my size 27 (4) Lucky Brand jeans and they were actually loose! I haven't worn those very many times since I bought them because they were always really tight. For once, I think I looked pretty good. Today, I was 132.8... I need to break 130! So for now, I need some serious thinspo...


Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire! (excuse my poor French!!)

I hope you managed to fit your run in today...there is nothing like a good run to make you feel like you're making progress, well at least not for me :-)

Oh I assume that is you in your profile photo...if so you are very beautiful and should like a lot more than 4 things about your body!

A bientot



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