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Time for another push. I had a few days where I was a bit relaxed with my eating. I am still at 133.6 and need to loose at least 4-5 pounds before the first week of September. My friend from France, Pauline, is coming to stay visit me for three weeks then. She is so tiny and the last time I saw her I weighed a lot more than I do now. I want to finally be under 130 by the time she is here.

When I get home tonight I am going to check the weather forecasts to see what days might be "run-able." I am also going to be pet-sitting for 17 days and will magically neglect to bring much food. That way I can just hang out and enjoy some alone-time (I need to stock up on reading material and DVDs from the library) and concentrate on not eating. Seeing Pauline and anticipating my upcoming birthday are great motivation to keep losing.

Did I mention I adopted a new cat? Meet Louisette...

The family that had her just had another baby who is allergic to their dogs and cat. Therefore, they had to relinquish "Charcoal" to someone else, and that someone else happens to be me! She's a Snowshoe Siamese (kind of on the chunky side, with a stumpy tail and crossed eyes) and she is fitting in nicely. She really likes me and I really like having a cat of my own.


Sick B*tch said...

OMG, that is kitty is the cutest!! I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

Aww she is so cute!

Anonymous said...

hahaha aww her little crossed eyes are cute!

I hope you loose that extra little bit, I know how much more confident i feel when i loose just a little bit more weight, just in time to see someone you want to impress.

Ava-Rose said...

shadow!! And he is pure siamese!! Does she have a loud miaow? Shadow is honestly the most talkative and loud cat you will come across lol!!
the best thing is seeing people you haven't seen in a while after you have lost weight!! Good luck!!


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