Fasting, fasting, fasting

After walking my dogs almost three miles and a few trips to the bathroom, I weighed 135.0.

I knew I gained, I knew it.

Fasting today... coffee, water, seltzer, maybe a piece of fruit and a tablespoon of peanut butter if I'm feeling faint.

I want to be at or under 132 by this Saturday - I have another party to attend and I know people will be swimming. I would like to not be completely mortified to be seen in my swimsuit. If I haven't hit that, I will stay covered up.

By the 28th, I want to be at or under 130, because that is the last day I have access to a scale before the wedding...

I bought shoes on ebay last night to go with my black&white toile dress, maybe I'll post a picture of the outfit I'll be wearing this week.


Alice D said...

Aw, sucks to hear you gained.
I'm sure you'll get it all off very soon.
Your blog is really pretty. <3

désespérée de maigrir said...

Thank you Alice!


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