The more I lose..

The more I lose, the happier I become - amazing isn't it?

133.8 this morning, which is wonderful. Still absurdly heavy, but at least the trend is continuing downward. I am working a full eight-hour shift today, so I won't eat hardly a thing while I am there. Just some veggies and maybe a baby yogurt before I go.

I'll come back to update more when I get home... just wanted to share my good-ish news.


Eva said...

Lovely! I think I'm around the same weight and it's true that losing is totally a mood-enhancer. Can't wait to hear more loss-posts!
xxxooo Eva

Ava-Rose said...

yayyy great news! I love hearing about success- motivates me!

désespérée de maigrir said...

@Eva and @Ava-Rose... isn't it just the best? I'm so excited!


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