Weight woes

Yesterday morning I was 134.0 and thrilled to see yet another disgusting pound off of my too-fat body. I knew that my friend's birthday dinner would include food and wine indulgences so the only thing I ate all day was a peach and a test of chocolate ganache on the cake I was assembling. I ate and drank my full last night and had a fabulous time with my dearest friends. Surprisingly, the scale was only up to 135.4 as of mid-morning today.

I went to church with the family and came home to nap, since those four glasses of wine gave me quite the headache. I planned to not eat anything all day, but when I woke up, my mom told me we were going out for Thai food. I ordered a papaya salad and vegetable green curry (extra spicy!) and brought home half of each (which I will likely throw out tomorrow). Even just having half make me certain that all of the progress I've been making will be negated. I just know my weight will be up a few pounds tomorrow and the whole thing just makes me want to cry.

130, where are you?

Tomorrow's plan - a fast... maybe a piece of fruit or two if I am feeling faint. Otherwise, it will be coffee and water all day. I plan on waking relatively early to go for a decent run, since I have been horrible about that lately. I am working from 12-8, and I am quite good at not eating at work.

As long as I can get back down to 134 by Tuesday, I will feel better. If not, I suppose I'll need to punish myself by not eating.

In completely (or not?) related news, Juan called me yesterday "just to chat." I talked to him for about ten minutes and tried to be cold. Then, of course, I drank, and texted him around 11pm.


Anonymous said...

Im in the exact same place as you! yesterday I was 134 yesterday and did very well all day, then I wake up today and I'm 135??? damn 130, where are you? lol lets overkill today and be 134 tomorrow :) I know we can do it.

even though you were drunk texting this juan fella, what you said is still kind of a kicker. bam, slap in his face.

désespérée de maigrir said...

Haha! Thank you Peanut! I appreciate your encouragement!!


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