Second day of summer

A little background:

I have been reading blogs about girls struggling with weight issues for more than four years. I started on xanga, which I still love and continue to update, and found a bunch of blogger hosted blogs over the past year that I constantly read and re-read.

I recently finished my first year of graduate school - I am 22. My fascination with all of this began my sophomore year in college, when under a lot of pressure from different areas of my life, I began restricting and exercising and getting high off of the feeling of losing weight. I am 5'7.5" and my body generally tries to maintain somewhere around 140 lbs. That year, I dropped from about 145 to 128 in just a two months. I felt great and have struggled with ups and downs since, never quite reaching that low weight ever again.

This February, my boyfriend broke my heart and I easily dropped to 132 in a matter of two weeks, since I could do nothing but cry and sleep.

My current weight, due to recent restricting, is 137.8 lbs.

I will be 125 by the end of this summer, no matter what it takes.


Lena said...

Salut désespérée,
Je viens de découvrir ton blog par hasard et j'ai l'intention de lire tes archives pour apprendre à te connaître un peu. Si jamais ça t'intéresse, mon blog est au
J'espère que tu vas bien!
Lena xx


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