Bad luck

My weight was unfortunately much higher this morning because I ate a falafel salad late last night and baked (read: taste-tested too much frosting and batter).

Tonight my godfather and his wife are coming for dinner, but I haven't eaten much today (2 baby soy yogurts, a few strawberries, rice crackers, and a few bites of salad), so as long as I keep my portions very small tonight and go for a run in the morning, I should be ok.

Saturday, I am leaving for approximately a week-long trip up to Rhode Island, Boston, and upstate NY. I'm visiting a friend in Rhode Island and then going to this conference, at which I am presenting, Monday-Wednesday. Then I am heading to New York to visit my brother for the weekend. Of course I am excited to do some traveling and see my friends and family, but being away always makes me gain weight because of eating out and not exercising enough.

I need to make sure I bring my running shoes and hiking gear so that I can try to keep my weight stable to lose a bit while I'm away.

In totally unrelated news, I received my check in the mail for (what was supposed to be) my deposit in my old place in San Diego, minus my utilities bill. My CRAZY roommate, however, charged me more than $200 to change the locks on the ENTIRE house because I mistakenly did not return my key (which she never even asked for!!!). I could absolutely scream, since with the other miscellaneous charges, I basically lost $350! Why do I have such bad luck???

I need to simply channel all of my current negative energy (re: crazy roommate and broken heart) into losing weight. At least I would have something to be happy about...

Definitely in the mood for a sugar-free, white chocolate soy latté...

Post dinner edit: I am going to be so disgustingly fat tomorrow :'( Time to fast...



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