Another month has passed

So I have had two meetings with my nutritionist. I am not absolutely positive that seeing her is worth all of the money I am paying out of pocket, but she is helping me find coping strategies and approach weight loss in a healthy way.  When I talk to her it is like therapy, so perhaps it is worth it after all.

In the first two weeks after my initial appointment, things were going really well.  I have been eating a huge breakfast, which is a first for me.  I take a big scoop of oatmeal and cook it with water, add fruit and hemp seeds, or nuts.  I actually struggle to finish the bowl, but my nutritionist said I am not getting enough protein or fat in the morning, which is leaving me unbalanced and too hungry later.  So far, so good - it has prevented my midday snacking and I have lost a few pounds (though that has stagnated, so we'll talk about that in a bit)... Additionally, she told me I need to just eat bigger meals in general.  When she looked at my intake form, she said I was not eating enough, and that I should adjust to eat a bit more protein.  She said I'm not protein deficient, but that I will be more satisfied if I eat more.  I have been making an effort on this one, but I still have two big struggles - work lunches with colleagues and not planning ahead.

I saw her for another follow up appointment on Saturday and she suggested a few things.  She gave me a long list of good products to keep on hand in the event that I need to throw together a quick meal if I didn't plan ahead well.  She also thinks I should buy a rice cooker.  The theory here is that I can cook a bowl of grains, like brown rice, quinoa, or a variety of others, and have it to base meals around for most of the week.  Most of the advice she has given me so far is truly common sense, but for some reason I needed her to tell me.  I know that when I try to lose weight, I go kind of insane.  Additionally, seeing her has led me to open up a little bit about my weird eating patterns and stress to a couple of friends.  Benjamin is already privy to much of that information, but it is good to have other people understand as well.

This week, I am also trying to find my running groove.  After essentially two months of running infrequently and sporadically, I want to stay motivated through the winter and fall back in love with running.  I had a good run on Sunday, and I plan to go in a little while to run on my favorite trail.

As for the rest of my life... well, Benjamin is arrive on the 21st, which is wonderful.  My parents moved to the West coast, so it is a bit odd to be left behind.  I have been incredibly busy at work (Ebola has derailed everything!) and am trying to make sure I have down time and enough hours to a lot to knitting.  I am in total elf mode, preparing for the upcoming holidays.

That is the long and short of it.  My life is pretty stable, for the most part, since I have my little house and job and weekly activities.  I just need to put some attention into being kind to myself and taking care of my body.  Seems simple, right?

Oh, and I am not pregnant.


Anonymous said...

From what you've written, it definitely has been worth it so far to see the nutritionist. You said it yourself - you needed her to tell you the "common sense" so that you could actively work on it and be accountable to someone other than yourself. I'm glad you're taking better care of yourself and striving for balance. I wish you all the best!

Bella said...

Hey there lovely lady. It's always good to see an update from you.

It sounds like your nutritionist is really helping and giving some good advice. The appointments can add up quickly, but for me, my dietician appointments are probably the best value for money I get.
I'm a big fan of having precooked rice on hand, and cooking meals in advance. Do you have a freezer? I'd be lost without mine.

The 21st, that's only a week away! Have a wonderful time with your Benjamin. I'm in total elf mode too. I started shopping and making gifts and planning the whole thing at least a month ago.

Take care of yourself darl. Lots of love <3 xx


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