I saw my mother this morning and the last thing she said before I left my parents' house...

"Those shorts really do not look good from the back."

Thanks mom, I already knew I looked super fat.

"Would you rather not know?" she said.

I guess I would rather no one say it out loud, that's all.


Mich said...

I've seen your recent photos on facebook, and you are most definitely not fat. <3 I know it's hard for us to believe that about ourselves, though.

Also you should have told your mom her pants don't look good from any angle. (Mumsy loves to tell me how awful all of my outfits and hairstyles and lack of makeup make me look, so I feel your pain.)


Bella said...

Some (most) people need to learn how to filter. I am sure she didn't mean it as a weight comment. To her it was probably just an 'innocent' remark on the shorts themselves, even if she would've been better to not say anything.

Hope you're keeping well dear <3 xx

Eloise18 said...

I hope that seeing the dietician helps and hopefully you can stop measuring your worthiness for affection, Benjamin's or anyone else's, in pounds. I think of you often xxx

Ruby Tuesday said...

I know only too well how much these comments hurt sweetheart
I genuinely think people don't realize how much it effects us.

I got your email today and just replied

Much love to you darling x

Miranda said...

Ugh! That's the worst. It's like a punch to the gut when someone comments like that. Just try not to let it get you even more down.

AVY said...

No one should ever say that out loud. Sorry to hear but I'm sure you looked pretty.



Cakespy said...

I had to comment on this post because so much of it spoke to me. The ups make the downs even harder, but remember: the ups mean that you know how to be joyful!

Also, your mother's comment was hurtful, whether she meant it or not. My mother says things like that and then justifies it by saying "I should be the one who IS allowed to say this stuff!". Um, no. No, no, no.


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