Ugh and then this...

The most infuriating thing you will read about the modeling industry



PrettyLies said...

Unfortunately read it earlier and it makes me want to puke. Especially knowing that I'm going into the fashion industry. Mind, FASHION industry, not MODELING industry. I worked for a very small, not a name modeling/acting company for 3 summers, realized their ethics weren't what I wanted to work for, not going back there. I used to dream of working with models, scouting them, runway shows, etc. Nope. Because I know I'd have to tell a girl her waist is too big one day. I know I'd have to weigh and measure. I know I'd have to break hearts. Not for me, no thank you.

Anonymous said...

That is really disgusting. Going to girls who are already suffering both physically and mentally saying, "Hey! I love that you're so thin and unhealthy! Come, be our model!" It really is sending a wrong message. It's like the article said, there are probably so many modelling agencies out there who probably don't care about the health of the models that are making them rich. It seems like society/fashion/media is so obsessed with being rail thin!

Peridot (G+P) said...

I am shaking with rage and disgust right now. I honestly cannot discuss because I am so fucking mad I want to break bones and impale people on fences.

This is sick, despicable, amoral, absolutely FOUL behaviour on the parts of those recruiting agents.

Hypocritical shitstains.


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