New year

I just found my food diary from last year.  I began it January 7th, the day Juan broke up with me.  I was 127.6 pounds.

A year later?  I am 140 pounds.

Oh 2013, please be better.

My 100-day running streak starts tomorrow, among other resolutions.

Happy new year, friends.  It's going to be better, it must.


ruby-tuesday said...

Happy new year to you too!

It's a chance for a fresh start
Anew beginning
A clean slate

Let's make 2013 count
Let's make it our year
We deserve it

Much love x

A Quiet Battle said...

Happy New Year! Let's make it great!

Peridot (G+P) said...

2013 will treat us well or we will bend it to our will and make it behave.

Sending you good-running thoughts.

Love you to bits, Dese.


AVY said...

I might have, but my head still aches too much to think about it. I'll get back to you.


sofia said...

thank you for the comment, dear. but no, i dont think you can. i think i just have to pick which way to go and just go for it, if that makes sense. happy new year and good luck with the running streak!

stay lovely. <3

Peridot (G+P) said...


I've had too much practise at flood management. Just. . . too much. Ever need a bitch with a shovel to help drain your paddock, give me a call!

I have a package that's been sitting here to send to you for so long it's embarrassing. /sigh. I WILL GET OFF MY ASS AND POST IT BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH!

Powerful HELL YES! not many guys are brave enough to come forward about their struggles, since it's stereotyped as a 'girl thing' to have issues with food.

As soon as it's healed SHOW US! I wanna see *pouts*

I'm trying to find some good feelings about this year, but what I can definitely say is I'm managing to start stash-busting. Woot! It was getting a little TOO large. Now I have to find special projects for special blue yarns of virginian origin now I can do lace. . . ^.^

You're awesome. Did you know that?

Love you to bits, Dese. This year will be awesome!


Jenn said...

me too: last year I was 128. Today I'm 145 woah!! I was 138 a couple months ago, but I quit purging and I've been giving myself sort of a free pass. So although I'm vegan and I eat REALLY well, I think it needs to level back out. PLUS I've flaked on the gym a ton. I just had surgery yesterday but starting on Jan 14 I'm starting back at the gym full time like it's a job! Yoga! Spin class! Swimming! We can do it :-) I want to be 123 this summer. Mini goal is 130 by mid march. I have a wedding to go to so that's the goal.


Olivia Lee said...

Darling girl,

The world will not stop. We must wake up. We must live. I am so sorry for the sadness in your life right now. I hope that my writing helps a little. It wont' be as sad from now on.


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