Opened my Etsy store!

Just a quick little note to say that I've finally opened my Etsy store.  There's not a lot in it, but in the next few weeks I will get more up in case anyone is interested.

Red Fox Knits


Rhianna said...

Is it worth it?

I knit scarves, jumpers etc but have been too afraid to put any up on etsy in case of copyright infringement.

Congrats tho =)

Claire said...

Congrats on this big step! Your stuff's so cute :) If you ever make anything vegan (not wool) It's mine!

Anonymous said...

very cool. Congrats.

Peridot (G+P) said...


Favourited <3

Mich said...

Oooooo I'll definitely be shopping! And you should be modeling ALL the scarves.


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