I've been missing all of you

My goodness, I am terribly behind commenting on all of things going on around here.  For the first time since perhaps May, I do did not have a million things on my to-do list this weekend, so finally I was able to write something substantial. I still have not caught up on commenting though...

So what's new with me?

After the marathon, I needed days and days to recover. (By the way, I finished in 4:06:02.00 and the first half in 1:54:28.37.) I have not run since last Sunday and the tendons in my feet are still inflamed.  I feel lazy (and fat) by not moving my body, but honestly I have been sleeping so much and think I needed some time to recoup.  I got a new pair of running shoes on Sunday and I think I'll take then out this afternoon.  The air is finally cooling down and autumn (my favorite running season) is upon us.  I love running through the crunchy leaves and the cool, breezy air as little kids are walking to school.  Since I typically do not have any commitments early in the day this semester, I am lucky that I can wake up and run in the daylight.

My weight is still completely out of control, sitting right around 140.  But the cooling weather makes tea, coffee, and pureed vegetable soups much more appealing than heavier foods, so going into the holiday season, I am focusing all of my best efforts on losing.  My brother's wedding is November 10th and I would like to be around 134 by then, which is truly not unreasonable and should not be difficult.  I look forward to my clothes fitting better as the fall turns into winter.  Last winter (January, specifically) I was down to 128 at some points.  I have to get back to that, even though it seems so far away now.

School is moderately challenging this semester. I'm just so busy, between the three side jobs, my 20-hour per week research position, and three classes. I managed to end up with a long weekend last weekend, so I took the opportunity to sleep in, run errands, and bake cookies to send to friends and family.  I need to buckle down on securing an internship as soon as possible, but once I do, I can breathe easy again. I am greatly looking forward to the day when I have a 'real' job and can come home from work and not have hours worth of more work to do.

Things with Juan are fine but not great. I am ok with it and just trying to see what will happen and be gently encouraging but not pushy. He is waiting to hear about a promotion he applied for, and when he finds out that will determine when he can visit again. We were hoping he would be coming next week, but that's unlikely now.  I know this is ridiculous, but my mind waivers between wanting to see him so badly and being embarrassed with how I look enough to want him to stay away. Hopefully, dropping just a few pounds will help put my mind at ease.

I've also finished up a grand knitting project. I'll try to get my friend to help me photograph it so I can show everyone.

Just a few final thoughts... It seems like there are a few people around here who are making awesome progress toward recovery (you know who you are) and I want to give all of the encouragement and support I can to these brave ladies. And on the flip side, it seems like there are a few around here who are sliding further down the slipperly slope and need just as much love to help overcome their greatest fears and challenges (again, you know who I am referencing). Please, everyone, continue to show love and support here. Ultimately, we want everyone to live healthy, fulfilling, beautiful lives that are not so consumed with mental and physical torment. You are so so beautiful and kind.  Anyway, I've just been thinking a lot about what I can do to help and haven't come up with much.

Time to get back to work... I wish everyone a lovely day.

Oh, and Jéanne, merci beaucoup ma chérie pour la petit paquet! She was sweet enough to surprise me with a scarf and a copy of High Fidelity, which I've been wanting to readbfor ages.


PrettyLies said...

I can imagine after running for 4 hours you need to rest a lot. But still, that's a good time and I'm proud! I'm doing a 5k in two weeks, so we'll see how that goes. I'm not training as much as I'd like, but Im getting there. Much love <3

Jenn said...

Thanks for the check in. I know I rarely comment, but I do read your posts and I think of you IRL too :-) So proud you did that marathon, and I think your goals of 134 by November and 128 by Jan are TOTALLY doable--and in a completely healthy way too :-)

I hate to bring up something negative, but I'm wondering if your friend Pauline ever turned up?

Love Jenn

Eloise18 said...


Peridot (G+P) said...

Bloody oath you needed some rest time! Think of it like mandatory defrag for your body and brain after some hardcore badassery :p

Oh man you would NOT believe how many people give me weird looks when I say I LIKE working my boring little entry-level job for 32 hours a week because the work doesn't follow me home! Non-students just don't get it! It's a pain in the as snot having the option of being able to go "It's pissing with rain, I'll skip class today and do the readings instead", but to be able to come home and do what I wan and read what I want to read is bliss. So worth the 5 years of studyhell to get to this point! Makes you appreciate it for it's full value XD

Pics! Pics pics pics pics YES PLEASE! I've yet to achieve anything really "grand", I keep getting sidetracked >.< WANNA SEEEEEE IIIIIIIIIIIIT!

Take care and enjoy your autumn leaves, you lucky minx! *hugs*

K said...

so i think you should be thrilled that your body is able to weather a MARATHON... i can barely run a mile. you are amazing

Jéanne said...

Wow! I'm deeply impressed with your running, Sarah! You're a little dynamo! Congratulations on your outstanding achievement!

You've been so busy this last while, I'm glad you have a little down time now. I hope you get lots of good rest and that your tendons feel much better very soon.

I'm sorry to hear about things with Juan. I hope things with him also get much better very soon. I'm glad the weather is improving and I look forward to seing your knitting. Your things are always beautiful! So glad you like the scarf. Hope you enjoy the book, my love. :) ♥♥♥

Peridot (G+P) said...

But the write-a-thon is in SAN FRANCISCO! That's the other side of the wooooooorld! *Wails* I wanna gooooooooooooo!!!1!

Please tell me your brother and his Fiancee are going to the write-a-thon! (Lol too good to be true, I know.)

Love you <3

Peridot (G+P) said...

Omg I'm such an idiot! *facepalms* Seriously my brain is so dead these days you have to spell everything out for me like I'm some many-times-concussed AllBlacks front rower!

All I can say is: BEST. HONEYMOON. EVER!!!1! I be so jelly I bleed pure pectin.


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