Gaining again

I emailed my coach to tell him that I was concerned about gaining weight.  He assured me that a few pounds are from retaining water while my muscles are inflamed, and the other few pounds are nothing to worry about and are, in fact, beneficial for a distance runner.

I am constantly so hungry, and eating more than usual. The combination of those two things is stressing me out and making me gain weight.  I am embarrassed with how much I weigh right now, I can't even post it.  I look in the mirror and can see it in my face and I feel it around my middle.  Luckily, my legs are starting to look a wee bit slimmer.  I just have to stop gaining.

In more positive news, however.  I finished a sweater, went home for the weekend, saw my friends and family, and ran 16 miles on Sunday.

Hopefully, after cutting back a little today, I won't be so heavy tomorrow.

Major kudos to Lulu, who is on day 6 of no bp.


Miranda said...

It's so odd to think that you would gain with all that running. But you do have to eat more and you are burning so many calories so I guess it's natural. Sorry you gained! Keep on running and hopefully it will stabilize.

Ayden said...

I don't know how long you've been doing your running thing, but I always find that, when I'm just starting a workout routine, My body seems to hold onto more because it's not used to the output. But after a while, it balances out, and I'm losing again. Plus, you could try doing some weights [you don't have to get body builder big, just lean muscle] because cardio alone works out only your legs and heart. That'd be why only your legs seem slimmer. Try doing situps, pushups, the likes to keep your body evenly toned.
Hope you're doing well!!

ruby-tuesday said...

The body is a strange thing

I am in Italy at the moment and I can feel that my whole body has swelled in the heat. Very uncomfortable.

Maybe you are losing fat but gaining muscle from all your training.

I can relate to not wanting to post your weight. I'm not going to post mine until I am safely back in double digits.

Much love x


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