It's Monday and I am already looking forward to the weekend

Completed my third week of training.  Apparently, I am eating like a ravenous wild animal, because I am stuck between 137-138 each day (before my run, 135ish after).  I spent the past year around 134 or less, and the notion of carrying around even four or five extra pounds above an "ok" weight makes me batty.  I wish I could snap my fingers and be 125 tomorrow morning.  Even though the rational part of my brain knows that would not truly make me happy, the irrational bits think it would be a life-changing miracle.

At least I had two good runs in cooler weather this weekend - I flew through six miles on Saturday (49 minutes, much faster than I ever run and without someone to pace me, too - though much slower than competitive runners, obviously) and twelve miles at a nine-min/mile pace yesterday.  This morning I had to run another six, but I ended up running five and walking the last mile or so.  My left hamstring was so tight and my legs were just tired.

I also finished the sweater I mentioned last time.  It is currently blocking, hoping to fix some funky fit issues.  If it looks cute and I manage to get back down under 134, I will put up a photo.

I have a short week this week, as I am working today and tomorrow, attending the International AIDS conference in Washington for most of the day, Wednesday, and then working Thursday morning and heading home for a long weekend filled with visiting and errands.

Thank you for all of the well-wishes for my mom.  She's been feeling ok, except for eye pain and headaches.  Hopefully, the doctors will be able to get that under better control soon.  My nana (she is turning 94 this weekend and lives with my parents) went to the emergency room last week with chest pain, and it turns out she has pneumonia.  Luckily, she is responding well to the antibiotics and recovering well.  I am looking forward to going home for a few days to see my parents, celebrate my nana's birthday, and hopefully see my best friends.

Oh, and the strangest thing happened this weekend.  Just a quick little bit of background information - Juan and I have been in contact pretty frequently lately.  Last weekend, he emailed me and said, "I feel like we haven't talked in forever, can we please Skype this week." So, we Skyped on Monday and Wednesday.  Thursday night, (or Friday? I can't remember exactly) he called me from work (a pleasant surprise).  Then, Sunday morning, I woke up to his friend-request on Facebook.  Juan does not like nor does he use Facebook with any regularity and we haven't been friends on it in ages.  I thought it was kind of cute, responded yes, quickly looked at his profile, and went for a run.  I got back from my run, went to look at his profile again and it said the page could not be found.  I assumed he deleted/deactivated his account, but when my friend went to look at it, she could see it.  So, I guess he friended me and then blocked me??  It makes me laugh, since it's really ridiculous and I still have not received an explanation.  Honestly, it makes no difference, but I am very curious.  Maybe I will get to talk to him today and he can provide an explanation.  Strange, right?

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  My goal this week is to be 136 by Thursday, when I leave to go home for the weekend, and not gain anything while I am home.  I need to get my diet under control and figure out a balance of having energy to run 6-8-10+ miles every morning and lose weight at the same time.  You would think it would be easy, but the methods I typically use to lose weight leave me energy-less, and that is impossible for this training regimen.  Why can't I just be normal and not care??  Or eat normally and not gain weight and just lose like a normal person??


Anonymous said...

I wish I could be normal too! I wish I could not care. It's Monday and I'm dying already myself. I'm so tired! That is very strange this FB friending blocking thing that Juan did. I wonder what's up with that. If he just didn't want you seeing his profile all he had to do was not friend you in the first place.

Sam said...

Hope everything works out with your mom and grandma. Wisher her happy birthday and give her a big hug because you never know.


ruby-tuesday said...

I hear ya. I also wish I was 'normal' and did not care about weight or obsess over food. Food and weight occupy 90% of my thoughts and most of my time. I wish the little numbers on the scale did not have so much powere over me. They dictate my mood, my self esteem and self worth.
Not good.

Good luck with your training x

Peridot (G+P) said...

You could also be building muscle mass, don't forget that!

Blocking? What is that? Jk, jk :p I'm far too bloody lazy to block! Hmmm felting can shrink it a bit, or you could follow the wrong wash instructions to get it to shrink anyway?

International AIDS conference? OMG YES. Please tell us everything!

What the actual fuck, Juan? My gods he's worse than my Mum!

Normal people don't train to kick ass in marathons, athletes do. Have you tried investigating sports nutrition and talking to PTs/Runners to see what their fuelling regimen is like? I know Bodybuilders are fucking nuts, but I haven't talked to the endurance athletes at my gym yet coz they'r always out running while I'm lifting weights. Hmmm.

Best of luck with the jersey. Love you to bits <3


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