The scale tipped at 136.8 this morning.  How did I let this happen?

Sticking to coffee today, it will help me get rid of any excess water that might account for such a horrific gain.

Time to start my food journal again, or I'll just keep gaining.

I have tried to explain to people that I cannot NOT pay attention to what I eat - I look at a cookie and gain weight.  I know the gain is my fault, but its still unbelievable.

Barely ran last week after the race.  Planning to go for a short run when I get home from work this afternoon, before I go to class.

Its amazing how just a number can make you cry and ruin your whole day before its begun, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

It sucks I know. I feel your pain. My body is against me too.

Elena said...

Please try not to let that number dictate your entire day. There are so many more things to focus on :(

Much love,


Anonymous said...

Oh chook, please be nice to yourself. Today I'm going to drink the beautiful tea you so generously sent me, and I'm going to send you a little good thought with every sip!

I love you so much, and I know that everything is relative and that distant compliments can seem arbitrary, but I truly feel that you are as beautiful at 136 as you are at 126. I truly feel it, even if you don't.

Adeline xx

Claire said...

I'm having the same day. But my gain is double yours- life could be worse my dear. Hang in there xxx

lou said...

I hate that the scale ruins everything.

btw got a book today from you!!!
thank you my daughter will love it..

Isobel said...

Bodies are the worst. They sometimes (rarely) lose when you've eaten like a pig, but it's usually the other way :(

Don't let that number beat you xxxxxx

Run said...

I hate how the scale determines how your day/eating is going to go. It's ridiculous how a number dictates everything.

Stick Thin said...

Yes it sucks that your happiness depends on a number. I am relapsing right now. I forgot how much it sucks. The logical me says: do you really want to get back into that?

Go run!! Yay

Bella said...

Hear hear, I truly do feel your pain. The number doesn't mean anything by itself but it has so much weight on your psyche. If anything, I am hoping that you're at least in better health than if the scale said something substantially lower!


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