Away for the weekend

I have a pile of schoolwork to plow through and back-to-back classes this afternoon/evening before I go, but I am setting off for Seattle tomorrow afternoon.

Still no word on if Juan is truly planning to come to the airport - I expect not.  He still has not mailed me my belongings, after a month of being apart.  I sent his straight away, the first week that we broke up.  How is it so hard to be unable to find the time to do this?  It is so emotionally manipulative, though I am doubtful he is doing it on purpose, since he is being the awful, self-absorbed version of the man that I love.

130.2 this morning and hoping that the weekend away will not make me gain.  I know we will be going out to eat several times, as is typical with days of sight-seeing, but with any luck I will be able to control myself.

It is 10am and I am still in my pajamas, printing journal articles and working on my case-control study proposal (infectious diseases are incredibly interesting, but be sure not to get any of them!)  I needed a morning to relax slightly, as I am feeling very stressed and the semester has only just begun.  Between four classes, my research assistantship, my new part time job at the law firm, hopefully another part time job at the yarn store (I have an interview next week!), and trying to fit in a bit of knitting and exercise, my schedule has become quite busy.  Sometimes, I feel really anxious and then other times I am mentally fine but get headaches/stomach aches/insanely tired for "no" reason.  I just hope I can make it through the semester in one piece and have enough employment to pay my rent this summer.

This was supposed to be a teensy quick post, but it is turning out a little longer than expected.  Anyway, today I am going to just keep on with my schoolwork, drink lots of tea and a few cups of coffee, and pack for my weekend trip.  I have most of tomorrow to organize as well, as I do not leave until 3:40pm.  I had soy yogurt with frozen pineapple and crushed almonds for breakfast, but I doubt I will have much else today.  I am too busy and anxious, I think.  Tomorrow, I have to eat light, because the cabin pressure tends to give me a tummy ache, so flying on an empty stomach is usually my plan.

Oh, and another thing (sorry for jumping around here) - I am working on a group project this semester about the Female Athlete Triad (disordered eating/menstrual dysfunction/osteoporosis) and have to give a little talk in front of my class about the disordered eating part.  I volunteered for it, but oh, the irony.

Thank you for keeping up with my absurd relationship drama and typical complaining about my weight.  It really is a comfort to know I am not alone in all of this.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how you manage such a busy schedule! Have a lovely weekend. You SO deserve it. Hope Juan quits being a jerk about the whole thing and shows up and sends you your stuff. Jeez. He broke up with you, you have been very understanding and he could at least be polite.

Dani said...

wow i missed alot while i was gone
im sorry are u and the boy i dont even know what happened but im sorry

Cierra said...

we've got your back, lovebug! just focus on loving yourself and the perfect dude will find you.

Peridot (G+P) said...

Oh man, I'll have to remember to check my emails. I NEVER look at them, EVER D:

Tell me your fave colours and I can try spinning some stuff for you if I can get the fibre :)

Eeep! You're mad busy! Don't forget to make some Dese-time, ok? That should help minimise the stress-related problems, and you yourself are your best investment.

Take care and safe flying! <3


Isobel said...

You sound like you are doing all the right things - concentrating on your studies, having a busy schedule and generally keeping active.

Not cool that Juan hasn't sent your stuff back! He needs to sort himself out, if he finished it he can at least do that for you!!

Have a good trip lovely!! xxxx

Mich said...

I hope you had a nice weekend away!!

And you're definitely not alone. <3


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