A quick little note

Luckily, I did not gain over the Thanksgiving holiday home.  I am somewhere between 133-134.  131.8 after my 6.2 mile run this morning.  Ran 7 on Thanksgiving morning with me friend.  I have been diligently reading, but as the semester comes to an end, I have a ton of schoolwork and tests to wrap up.  Just three more weeks and I'll be finished up, with plenty of time for running, crafting, and blogging.

I hope all is well with my lovely ladies.  Please don't be discouraged.  You are beautiful.  I've been seeing so much depression and despair around here and tumblr, and it makes me scared that one of you (most of you are like my little sisters, since I'm one of the oldest around here, and I truly care and worry) will do something horribly regretful.


becca; said...

well done for not gaining anything - you did so well and with you're running too! you're beautiful as well, xo.

Anonymous said...

good job on not gaining. Wish I could stay the same! I can't wait until school is over either so my time will be my own.

Eloise18 said...

"plenty of time for running, crafting and blogging" swap running for swimming and that is what I dream of the holiday's being. Unfortunately my uni has exams when we come back after christmas in January (then the new semester properly starts the first week of February) so I have to study over christmas :( ...not that I've really done any all term!

Anonymous said...

Well done on all the running and not gaining!
Three more weeks for me too and I can craft, cook and walk away! :) Can't wait!!
Lottie x

Anonymous said...

You're so lucky you didn't gain over the holidays! Unfortunately I was so fortunate :/. Same here with school- just a couple more weeks of the semester until another holiday! More time to focus on the awesome stuff: exercise and craftiness! What sorts of crafts do you like to do? I too have noticed tons of depression and such on blogger- and it makes those who are reading the post depressed as well. That's why it's important to always try and stay positive and motivated, even if you've fallen off track ♥

Cierra said...

Wow, you're such an awesome runner.

Claire said...

I know how you feel, it scares me too. Great work not gaining :) Keep it up!

Bella. said...

thanks for your info, I already know that the Stevia I bought is 200 times sweeter than sugar, so I need like 1gram for a whole cake.
You said I shouldnt just replace the sugar in normal recipes, I havent heard that yet but thanks that you told me, I will do some research on Stevia untill it arrives here. (:


Dumb Brunette said...

I have to say, not gaining over a holiday is admirable, and your words of encouragement are inspirational. I love reading your blog because you always have something nice to say :) Good luck with the end of the semester. I am also stuck in the end-of-semester frenzy.


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