Down a little bit more

132.6 after my run today - the lowest number I have seen in ages.  That puts my real weight somewhere between 133.8-134.8 or so.  Getting under 130 by Christmas seems totally doable now.  If I can hit 125 by the time I go to California for New Year's Eve, I will be thrilled.

Thank you for all the well-wishes for my night out on Tuesday.  I met my friends at a tapas place, and my friend and I ordered a small sauteed mushroom tapas and a pitcher of sangria to share.  I ate very lightly during the day, so it worked out really well.  The sangria was enough to get me buzzed and I did not gain any weight in the morning.

We were supposed to go running, but it rained all day.  Instead, we went to Trader Joe's and the Asian market, where I stocked up on produce ($.99/lb persimmons and 20 for $1.00 clementines!).  We went to DSW, where I found my Saucony Kinvara2 shoes on sale for $50!
The last time I bought them, I paid somewhere right around $90, so I was thrilled.  My current pair have another 75-100 miles left in them still but I know I won't be able to find them cheaper anywhere else.  They are a minimalist shoe but more substantial than the Nike Free Run+ shoes I loved before this.  I went through two pairs of Nike Frees and found they were not holding up for my half-marathon training.  These have been great - I recommend them to anyone without major pronation problems who is looking for less cushy than a traditional shoe but on the more substantial end of the minimalist scale.

After shoe shopping, we went to a Lebanese place for lunch (for breakfast, I made us oatmeal, and made her double the amount I made for me) and I had unsweetened tea, a small salad and a cauliflower pita.  For dinner I made lentil and vegetable stew.  The only naughty things I ate on Wednesday were a few pieces of baklava (my weakness) and a few pieces of chocolate.  Yesterday was a good day eating-wise, again except for a few pieces of chocolate, but I managed to still lose a little and the chocolate is gone now.

Today will be a light eating day again, yogurt and fruit for breakfast, rice cakes for a snack, a small bowl of lentil soup, and steamed veggies of salad for dinner.  The only thing that would be better is if I could have run on both Wednesday and Thursday, but the rain ruined that.

This weekend I have to edit a group paper and catch up on some reading and other schoolwork, and then I guess I am going home for Thanksgiving.  I really don't want to, to tell you the truth, but my parents want me to come home.

I hope everyone is doing well and can breathe a big sigh of relief that is is Friday!  I hope you all have a lovely, low-calorie, exercise-induced endorphin-rushed weekend...


Sophie said...

You can totally be under 130 by Christmas! You'll be even more beautiful than you are now :) Your friend is also ridiculously cute - how's she so slim but still has curves?! I hope you have a good time at Thanksgiving; I'm sure your parents appreciate you being there.

becca; said...

your doing so well, i'm sure you can be 125 by new years :) and your friend looks amazing, i'm totally jealous of her! xo.

miss alisha said...

Congrats on the loss! 130 is IN THE BAG for you! You can get there, no problem, at the rate you're going. Your plan for today sounds really good. Gosh, you're so inspiring! Do you prefer to run outside? There are always treadmills, if it rains! But I know some people cannot STAND those, so I understand if you wouldn't want to.

Have an amazing thanksgiving. Stay in control and remember how hard you work for everything.
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the loss! You can definitely reach your New Year's goal! I'm glad you had a good time with your friend and I think that's great you were able to score those shoes for so cheap-well, cheaper compared to the original price! I hope your weekend is lovely ♥

Anonymous said...

Awesome thinspo seriously. Sadly there are real people that look like that! Great job on eating out and entertaining and STILL not gaining.

Peridot (G+P) said...

Insanely gorgeous. . .MIGOD! 0.0 Where the hell did she get that TAN?

Woot! Nice score on those shoes! Its always good to find things like that :)

Good luck for your training, I hope the weather behaves itself for you.


Eloise18 said...

Yay for finding a bargain! I can't believe how cheap that market is 5cent a clementine?! CRAZY!
I'm also insanely jealous of the girl you went to highschool with. I'm currently dressed as a hobbit (see blog later this weekend!) and frumpy is not the word :P

Congratulations on the weight, you have what...5? weeks until Christmas which is >1lb a week YAAAY! :)

AA said...

Hey, Ive just started reading your blog :)
Your friend looks amazing - great thinspo. It always helps to know that these people are real! We will get there eventually.
Best of luck to you.
Much love,
AA xxx

Mich said...

Crikey, she is a twig!! o.O

You can definitely make your goal by Christmas. <3

Sounds like you had a nice time out--I'm glad! And those shoes are super fun.



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