Deep Breath

So the other day I was freaking out a bit.

I have been really good this week.  Over the past month of so, I had put on several pounds.  But this week, I have been exercising fervently (ran 5 miles on Sunday/Monday/Wednesday, took classes/ran 1-2 miles today and Tuesday) and eating less.  My weight, after the gym this morning was 133.4.  I know that if I keep myself on this roll, I will be under 130, possibly 125 by July 1, when I leave to meet Juan's family.

Oh, did I mention that??  I bought a plane ticket to California!

In other news, I have an interview tomorrow at the school where I have been coaching this season.  They have an opening in their admissions office, and had interviewed a bunch of candidates and nearly offered the job to someone.  Long story short, the headmaster was telling the other coaches that he wished I would be around next year to coach and one of them mentioned my plans to move to California ASAP.  I emailed the headmaster to let him know that even though I do plan to move eventually, if I am gainfully employed here for the next year before getting married, I would love to coach next spring.  In the end, they held off on offering that job to one of the candidates and I had a preliminary interview on Monday.  Tomorrow, I am going in for a day-long session of interviews  I am incredibly nervous, but also really hopeful about getting the position.  I don't know the salary, but it may allow me to move on campus and live with the students and save all of my money for moving/wedding/school in the future.  Juan keeps mentioning how excited he is to get married... I think the ring is really coming soon :)

I went shopping yesterday and bought two pairs of pants (skinny jeans and skinny cropped stretch pants) from the GAP both in a size 4.  I know the Gap, J Crew, Banana, etc. are all major vanity sizers and that I don't belong in a size 4, but it did make me feel good.  I want to get under 120 so I will wear a size 2.

Thank you to everyone who left me words of encouragement, it's exactly what I needed... Cinnamon, Dani, Ariana, Adeline, Cierra... and also thanks to those of you who are still reading and still following.  I'm in a much better position to get caught up on reading and commenting these days.

And I know I've been saying this for a while, but I am going to post progress pictures.  When I hit 129, I promise.


Dani said...

i think the ring is gonna come soon for u as well adn when it does u have to post a pic casue i wanna c
yeah gap sizes are a lil bigger sorry dont mean to burst ur bubble there i work in old navy and i know are sizes are bigger and the gap is affilated with us but hey a isze 4 is still great
that wold b a great opppurnity for u if u get teh job im sure juan would understand
o meeting th efamily yay

Eloise18 said...

Well done for being positive again :) you can do it! x

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back and doing well darling, it makes me so happy to see you feel motivated. You need to post more often, ok, I miss you otherwise!

Good luck for all the interviews, I'm sure they'll adore you, and I cannot WAIT for those progress pictures :)

Adeline xx

Lita said...

You're doing great! Have fun in California, and good luck with your interview :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the job!! ^_^


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