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Thank you, my lovely readers, for the positive comments and support for my last post.  I realize that Australia is not the only place in the world struggling with the aftermath of crazy weather so we should all continue to keep that in mind.  The blog community here has a network of beautiful women from all over the world, so let us continue to show support for one another.

In other news, I logged 26.2 miles this week (funny it worked out to be the same as a marathon), attended two of my classes and did some weight training today.  Unfortunately, this amped up exercise regimen is leaving me quite hungry and I have been eating far too much to lose weight properly.  I have been consistently between 128.6 and 130.6 this week (depending on when I weigh).  I think that this weekend, or perhaps this morning, I am going to write out some food plans for the week, so I know exactly how many calories I have planned, with no wiggle room.  Considering all of the exercise I am doing, I want to aim for 900 or so.  I'm clearly eating above that, or I would be losing quickly.  This morning, I ran 3.5 miles (the first 5k in less than 25 minutes) and did the weight machine circuit at the gym.  My heart monitor says that I burned 543 calories in 53 minutes.  On the days that I am more cardio-heavy, I burn more like 850.  I just finished a quarter-cup of oatmeal (75) with teaspoon of natural peanut butter (32), a tablespoon of carob chips (35), and a quarter-cup of light soy milk (18) - a filling 160 calories.  I'll shoot for home made soup and salad for lunch, and something very light for dinner.

I know I was talking about cutting off my hair to donate it as one of my new year's resolutions.  I am going to make an appointment soon, and my goal was to be 120-125 by the time I cut my hair.  My ultimate goal weight is 115-118, so I think that aiming for a six pound loss before the haircut is reasonable.  I  just have to pick a date - how long should it take?  I was losing so evenly and steadily before the holidays.  I need to get back to that.

Welcome to my newest followers!  I have now reached 100!  I never thought 100 people would care enough to read the crazy things I write about, but thank you, thank you :)

I'm also thinking about posting some new progress pictures, so compare with my last set.  I was a few pounds lighter then, but I have been working out more now... thoughts?

Ariana, Astrid, Nerisaga, Cinnamon,  A Quiet Battle, Erin Rose, and Bones Are Pure - thank you all so much for the incredible compliments about my fitness regimen.  It's girls like you who inspire me to keep going and keep running!  I just hope I don't ever let you down.

Kat Not Jas - thank you for the compliments on my photos and thinspo.  The ones you were asking about, yes, my friend/brother/and I took all of them :)

Oh, happy belated birthday Cinnamon!

And Mich, I haven't commented on one of your posts in a while, but girl, you're still keeping me laughing, sorry about the crazy nun flashbacks!!!  And by the way, I hope you're not too snowed in!

Alice D.  I am so glad you are safe and sound.  I hope your family and friends are safe too, and if there is anything I can do, let me know.  I know it probably sounds stupid and all, but I still have your little packet of tea all ready to go that I wanted to send you around Christmas.  I would love to send it to you now if you'd email me your address.  Maybe a cup of tea will help bring some calm to this crazy situation.

Adeline, please don't be too discouraged, your last few posts (William drama and purging) have been heart wrenching for me to read.  I want you to be happy and to love yourself, and good riddance to a man who doesn't appreciate you.  I hope you have a lovely weekend out of town and do come back uplifted.  We love you.

I'm just about to shower and then go in search of a few items of new running gear (gloves and sports bras being the most essential) since most of my stuff is quite old and shot.  If I happen to find any other special somethings along the way, I might just have to treat myself.  Also, I need to start brainstorming ideas for Juan's Valentine's day gift.  Any ideas?


Cinnamon Brown said...

Oh thank you, Poppy-Blossom!

I feel like such a deadbeat when I read about all your running etc. I must get a move on! MMM...peanut butter! (Homer Simpson!)

You'd better post pics of that pixie cut, Missy! Bet it's gonna look stunning!

I found this simple, but awesome pattern. Just an idea. Could make it to match the sweater?

*Big hug* and lotsa kisses. XXXXXX!

Anonymous said...

Oh my...the girls are right, your calorie burn is amazing and the amount of running you do is most definitely inspirational- makes me wanna get up and out there now!
I think I might actually get up before work tomorrow and go for a jog along the sea front- I say jog because my fitness level is in dire need of being built up and I can only really do short spurts of sprinting between small jogs... I know you have been working on your fitness for a long time but any tips on building it up?

Oh wow I love short pixie cuts... I adore Emma Watson's from Harry Potter but I would never have the courage to do it so kudos to you!!

Love Lorna x x

P.S. a progress picture is always great for inspiration!

bonesarepure said...

i lvoe that u run so much ur a crazy workout person like me i love it excpet i cant relally run nemore but u know what i eman
yes u def need glvoes fucking freezing out there idk how u runin teh cold i can barely walk out there ugh
thats ag ood plan hun about the planning ur meals it will help u out alot
and that meal sounds ymmuy u had minus the pb i hate pb the smell ugh
and soup is just so yummy

Nerisaga said...

Aaaw - You're too sweet to take the time to acknowledge us in such an extensive manner, especially since I know how busy you are! :D
Supah Thankx.

Mm, actually, u might just have reached a plateau in which case if u keep on doing the routin you are doing, you WILL lose weight over time. Metabolism sucks some times.

As long as u exercise and eat under 2000, will lose weight over time.


Athena said...

I'm exactly the same! I was losing so well before the holidays, and now I can't stop eating! I need to get back to how I was, it felt so great.

It's really good that you have the incentive of getting your hair cut short to help you along... your diet and exercise sounds great, though, so I'm sure you'll be there in no time!

I'd love to see pictures of your progress. It's always nice to put a face with a blog :)



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much darling, that little mention just meant the absolute world to me.

You're doing so well and as always are a massive inspiration to me.

Love, always,
Adeline xx


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